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  • Blurring lines between Interior and Exterior

    Now the April showers have faded into a distant memory, it’s time to talk about bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. With new floral and outdoor collections, we have some solutions to making your home feel fresher and your garden more refined.

    Firstly floral, we tend to recommend marrying what is in season in the garden to your faux in the home. Faux floral is an easy and hassle-free way of creating life and atmosphere in the house without worrying about keeping something alive! Meadow and Sissinghurst collections are perfect for the summer, both brimmed with billowing stems that look freshly cut from the garden. We’ve also introduced some new potted plants with more terracotta and grey pots that you can move in and out if you’re entertaining at home, shaking up the traditional dining table set up.

    Rattan is a classic and a great way to merge your interior styles into your garden, we introduced the Roca white collection last year which is very clean cut and design-led. But the more traditional Sorrento collection with its more natural tone weave remains a firm favourite. Metal outdoor furniture can also be a great solution if you want more fluid and movable furniture.

    Now we’ve upped our summer style, let’s hope the weather holds out!


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