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    Stunning and elegant, the contemporary modern style is the one that best complements and adapts to a simple and practical lifestyle, without needing to think too much about decoration. Massachusetts state capital is delighted to receive the superb new Caffe Latte project, designed by Yasmine Ibrahim.

    Created in open space format, filled with wood panelling and marble finishes, it contemplates different spaces, with nature-inspired shades, putting comfort and well-being in the first place. “Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space.

    As a crossing point between rooms, like a mere foyer, the modern classic style stands out, underlined by the eloquent presence of Colosseum II Console and Aurum Wall Lamp, two iconic pieces.

    As the largest area of an apartment, the living room is often considered the pinnacle of coziness and relax, just like happens in this project, thanks to the subtle, but significant role of Sherman Sofa, a neutral seating statement piece, flanked by Caffe Latte’s Robusta Center Table and Altura Mirror, two portraits of the power of marble.

    As faithful companions, there are also Cutty Side Table and Macchiato Stool, from Caffe Latte, in a simpler and more functional aesthetic, without forgetting Oslo Rug, which brings with it the famous terrazzo inspiration. On the lighting issue, it can be found the iconic Horus II Suspension Lamp, and also the brand new Mármol Floor Lamp, in champagne tones, produced exclusively by Covet Collection.

    For cozier evenings by the fireplace, there are two Ellen Armchairs, inspired by the classic mid-century style, as well as Brutte Side Table, from Caffe Latte, great support for books or other decorative objects.

    Another unconditional attraction of the penthouse is the dining room, where all the pieces and details harmoniously combine within the modern style, in which Caffe Latte is queen and mistress, through the marbled Breve Oval Dining Table, but also the lavish Moka Dining Chair. Meanwhile, White Garden Rug is spread across the floor, as a manifesto of neutrality, in addition to the unequivocal and reinforced presence of Horus II Suspension Lamp.

    Bathed in white and klein blue tones, the kitchen appears as an oasis of minimalism and functionality, where it can be found Niku Pendant Lamp, but also Freddo Bar Chair, a newest piece of Caffe Latte.

    At last, with immediate access to the balcony, a colorful office, in fresh and lively tones, catches the eye. Cassia Modular Sofa, by Caffe Latte, reveals all its adaptability and versatility, in a trendy pink version. A very flexible piece, either for a living or reading corner design.

    Caffe Latte, in partnership with Yasmine Ibrahim, inaugurate a new residential concept: calm sophistication, where escape from day-to-day stress is duly rewarded by a clean and invigorating aesthetic, imbued with a familiar and intimate concept.

    CAFFE LATTE modern Design’s paramount is to provide ergonomic and functionality to any room, with a modern minimalist approach. Complementing other designs aesthetics with the use of a neutral colour palette, presenting sobriety to any interior decoration project, ultimately creating a consensual and transversal design, suitable for any taste.

  • Unique Bespoke Interiors

    This secluded villa is the first of a series of luxury houses created by COVET HOUSE with the purpose of inspiring professionals and design lovers to new hights in this new era. The 8.5 million, 500 m2 mansion in Russia presents elegant bespoke interiors with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements. The result is a very comfortable home fit for the modern luxury lifestyle.

    With 9 rooms to explore, this marvellous project has its own signature and language, with a very clear message, without being too loud or overpowering, every single detail is carefully put together to provide an ultimate luxury home.

    Welcoming you into the house, is a splendorous sight. A play on marbles, the high-ceiling and reflective surfaces provide a wider feel to the house. Exquisite, refined and quite subtle while being remarkable are some of the characteristics of this entrance hall. With a view to the second floor, L’Chandelier from Boca do Lobo drops from the ceiling to make a statement with as a dreamy, elegant and luxurious lightning piece. Also contrasting with the black marble of the floor, the white marble from the Empire Round Table protrudes from the flooring to receive every guest.

    The heart of a house. Designed with every detail carefully thought out to fulfil a powerful aesthetic, but also a comfortable, contemporary, and high-end setting. A room decorated by mixing various textures and materials, providing the ultimate luxury modern classic living room.

    With a view to the perfect snowy field in St. Peterburg, the high ceiling windows provide a source of natural light that fulfils and creates the illusion of a wider space, and complements the lighting pieces like the Newton Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo. The boiserie in the walls contrast perfectly with the straight lines in the center table or in the Thomson Sofa by Luxxu, being the perfect antitheses between classic and contemporary approach to the design. Neutral colour provides a sense of luxury that transpires in every detail, from the use of marbles in the wall and accessories.

    The sophisticated dining area, connected to the open kitchen, and consisting of a unique dining table that embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting and hammering, and polishing. An open space room with the contrast between the softness of the velvet upholstery and the harshness of the marbles and woods in the architecture of the spaces. The walls are detailed and stand out with a set of Supernova Chandeliers, and all the furniture is geometric and placed strategically.

    A convenient ergonomic kitchen, fully equipped with the latest tech and with a counter, is stylish and color neutral. It is deliberately not supposed to stand out in an open plan living room/dining room. The bright accent of the kitchen is the golden brass details in the lighting accessories, chairs and cabinet. A kitchen interior effortlessly that blends ergonomic motives with luxury.

    The master bedroom was designed concise and not bright, so that nothing would interfere with the rest. Wooden soft panels give the interior a soft touch and smooth the impression of dark walls that contrast with the light ceiling and floor, just like in the living room. Designer luxury items from Luxxu and Rug’Society have not spared the room – a soft rug, a stunning chandelier hangs over the bed, and bedside tables and a couch are perfectly crafted into the room.

    Could not do without a spacious and stylish wardrobe, made of premium wood, with open glass doors and interior lighting, which is very functional and appealing. With the shelves are made of genuine walnut wood, and a chandelier resembling a floating gold stream made to order and the soft Hera Armchair from Brabbu to connect all the elements.

    The bathroom is designed with a deliberate luxury: marble panel, the iconic black Diamon Bathtub from Maison Valentina and a contrasting black and white marble floor. The unique marble pattern in the bathroom resembles the river current. Brass and golden accessories complete the picture.

    Creating a children’s bedroom, the studio started from the dream world of a boy, and tried to make the room such that it takes a ride and never stops. With very attention to the “A” graphic lamp from Delightfull, standing out from the phenomenal Bun Van Bed from Circu in a sleek black paint job. Almost any unique product is the result of eclecticism of many details and a sense of taste, so in this interior is remembered the loft and the classics but it’s still very contemporary, as its able to see from the white walls with mouldings and warm lamps hanging next to the bed.

    A more sophisticated and leaner look, the use of neutral colors and more strict lines in the decoration, the variety of materials and finishes (especially the use of black), transpires luxury, professionalism, and most of all a modern style décor.


  • Elicyon

    Leading London interior design firm Elicyon has revealed details of the interiors of a new show apartment in Omniyat’s Palm Jumeirah development, One Palm. Continue Reading

  • Oxshott Oasis

    When undertaking a complete renovation of this much-loved detached family residence, Hill House considered the degree to which the building and its gardens may be changed to serve a family who were now all grown up, whilst retaining its character. Continue Reading

  • Butlers Wharf Tower Bridge

    Butlers Wharf Tower Bridge apartment design by Maisha Design

    Our clients’ Thames riverside three bedroom lateral flat is situated in the famous and listed Butlers Wharf building. It is a stunning warehouse conversion with beautiful exposed brick and character cast iron windows. Situated on the third floor it has a stunning view of the iconic Tower Bridge, which is just 200 metres away which provides the perfect backdrop for our interior design.

    Our clients wanted a London home for entertaining their friends and guests – a space that was exciting and special where they could stay and be very comfortable.  The project took one year from start to finish which included a full reconfiguration of the floor plan, electrical plan and bespoke furniture and finishes.

    The vision for the design was to create an elegant and comfortable space with luxurious touches and a drinks bar for entertaining. The floor and lighting plan was redesigned to allow more open spaces and more light to fill the flat, as the ceilings were low and the original design left the flat felling dark and claustrophobic. From the moment you enter, we used recessed wall radiators throughout the apartment to ensure a clean and sleek finish.  The sitting area is highlighted with rich burgundies and creams, with smoked glass and dark wood accents, while the bedrooms have distinctive pops of colour and pattern – each with bespoke joinery and individual upholstery. Every area throughout has its own theme yet is connected to one another through its beautiful custom-made furniture and running brass and smoked glass theme. It was very important to us that each element in the design followed a subtle continuity.

    The standout features of this apartment, are the spectacular illuminated Alabaster bar, the en-suite copper and brass marble bathrooms and the glass wall between the hallway and the guest twin bedroom which adds light to the inner hallway. All these features add to the design to elevate the apartment to a higher sense of luxury.

    Our design concept for the kitchen which is located off the main sitting and dining area concentrated on a completely hidden kitchen with no visible appliances in the living area to create a living and dining space that is designed for entertaining. We discreetly tucked the kitchen away behind beautiful smoked glass pocket doors, which we incorporated into the design of what is the main feature of the living area: the bar.  To create something truly spectacular for the bar, we designed a bespoke lit alabaster bar with tailored panels on each side, framing both the bar and pocket doors. This ensured that the main focus of the living area is the alabaster, which is simply stunning and deserves to be celebrated in this way.

    In the living area and hallway, we chose a burgundy-pearl colour palette with delicate brass and smoked glass accents. The rich burgundy tones of the furniture and lamps complement the glowing alabaster bar beautifully and give the living space a soft yet elegant ambience. The smoked glass is replicated in the kitchen doors and the lamp details, while the brass is evident in both the lamps and studding of the bespoke furniture. Every detail has been carefully considered, such as the geometric pattern on the rug that is mirrored on the back of the dining chairs, to create a sophisticated coordinated interior. A pair of base lamps, on either side of the sofa, were chosen to provide low level lighting for intimate evenings and the lit up bespoke wall joinery adds a soft feature to the room, allowing the client to add a personal touch with ornaments, books and accessories. But the true star of this space for us is the bespoke Alabaster bar. It was handcrafted by Atelier Alain Ellouz and carefully designed to fit perfectly into the panelled wall.

    All three bedrooms are situated at the opposite end of the apartment, facing the famous cobbled walkway of Shad Thames. It was important to our clients to inject colour into the bedrooms whilst maintaining a neutral backdrop. Each bedroom therefore has subtle pops of individual colour, whilst maintaining the underlying neutral-brass theme of the apartment. Bespoke wardrobes with a brass inlay and brass leather handles designed by Maisha are incorporated into each bedroom to complete the concept of luxurious touches.  For the master bedroom we chose a purple and turquoise palette against a soft neutral base and followed the same concept for the guest bedrooms albeit changing the colours to stunning blue and yellow and vibrant blue and terracotta combinations.  Each cushion, button and trim was selected to create a balanced colour combination.

    One key aspect for our clients was to have luxurious and unique bathrooms for both the master and guest bedrooms. We therefore chose an elegant marble theme and combined this with distinctive taps by the Watermark collection and smoked glass shower panels for a stunning finish. In order to distinguish the master bathroom from the guest bathrooms we decided to choose a rich verde fantastico marble stone against antique brass taps in the master and a deep noir st laurent marble stone against copper taps for the two guest bathrooms. The lighting was designed to accentuate the best features of the bathroom: the stunning marble walls and copper taps. We designed three lighting circuits that could be used to highlight different parts of the bathrooms and so create different atmospheres within. The first circuit is dedicated to general lighting and is composed of a grid of down lights for everyday use. This is complemented by the second circuit, which creates subtle focal points and task lights by lighting up the niches, shower wall and mirror cabinet. The third circuit is more atmospheric – it is activated with a sensor and turns on a soft LED light wash under the sink and bath creating a beautiful floating effect and a soft night light.  The result is stunning and makes these bathrooms truly unique.

    The second key feature of this apartment for our clients is the alabaster bar. It is a spectacular piece of craftsmanship and gives the living space a unique look and  feel. We chose this material not only for its stunning look and feel, but also for its hardwearing quality.  It is treated with resin, which turns this incredibly delicate and fragile stone into a resilient and durable element, perfect for bar counter tops. What makes this material even more striking is the fact it is lit up by LEDs, which can be adjusted from warm to cool, depending on the mood and time of day. Our clients wanted a dramatic feature in their living area and this alabaster bar emulates drama and luxury gloriously.

    Overall, we concentrated on a design that allows more light to shine through the apartment to eradicate the dark corridor-like feeling. The double doors of the middle bedroom were removed and replaced with a fixed glass panel to allow light from the riverside end of the flat to flow down the hallway and lighten the middle guest twin bedroom. This creates a new focal point in the apartment and has transformed a dark and claustrophobic area to a welcoming and light flooded space.

    As a designer the highest form of approval is of course the one of our clients, who were delighted and quite emotional when we took them to see their new flat for the first time. They told us that they had never imagined the flat could look as beautiful as it does.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    The interior design has since been voted Best London Residential Apartment Interior Design by the International Property Awards.



    Wharf apartment by Maisha Design photography by Richard Gooding styling & pr by nick lee niche pr

  • 1.61 London

    Park Street, W1

    Practical living in modern luxury

    129 Park Street is the award- winning luxury home of interior designer duo brothers Alexander and Michael Christou at 1.61 London.

    The apartment is set in a former commercial building in highly desirable Mayfair which was transformed into a residential development completed with a gym and swimming pool on site. The designer duo bought the original flat consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and converted it to an upscale open floor living space with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms apartment along with a bar area.  Using their continual drive for aesthetic perfection, they turned this retro property into a contemporary stylish smart home, winning 4 international design awards along the way.

    The interior design approach throughout the property is inspired by London and its evolution through time. The vision was based on the traditions of London design as the central focal point but with a modern interpretation through evolving material with flow in colours, space and design with a symmetrical structure.

    Alex Christou, Director at 1.61 London explains:” We always design every project with careful care and considerations to achieve aesthetic perfection and we wanted our flat to showcase this where every single space in the flat was meticulously designed with the highest finishes created in collaboration with prestigious international brands ranging from Roberto Cavalli(Italy), Lalique(France), Hacker(Germany), Billi(UK) and Sonos(USA) amongst many more.” With a thoughtfully considered layout the apartment emits class and sophistication.  Every detail has been considered throughout the design for effortless practical living.

    Symmetrical wall elevations were intricately designed, using only changes of texture and materials to distinguish each area.  To increase fluidity, elevation framing was limited, where elevations do not border off areas, but run floor to ceiling.  Wall elevations in the same finishes run from the ceiling down to the vanity unit tops and doors augmenting the free-flowing feeling in the bathrooms.  The lighting pops at different layers from floor lights to LED troffers, refracting effortlessly with reflective mirrors and glass.

    Different textures were employed to add contrast.  In the kitchen, back lit onyx panels stand opposite to elevational identical doors, finished in mirror, polished plaster and metal.  The reception room main elevation of rebated metal bead lines the polished plastered TV wall and sits centred above a remote-controlled marble clad ethanol burner.

    Either side are bookcases with 50mm thick walnut open shelving and triangular chainmail upholstered doors. Natural stone mix with polished plaster, paint against wallpaper, engineered wood flooring against metal profiles and carpet inserts.  In the kitchen a mixture of liquid metal doors, ostrich feather lacquered bass units and black glass wall units were chosen.  These materials are interchanged and reimplemented throughout to keep continuation but to make each space distinct and interesting.

    To tie these textures together muted colour tones were chosen, the finishes gradient through the property elegantly with a blend of taupes back dropped with whites and dark browns for depth. No accent colours were used, but rather textures were used to distinguish the different areas and provide contrast.  The furniture pieces were chosen with care to emulate the wall elevations with their mixture of metal and upholstered taupe sections and dark leg contrasts.  The dining table base for example, picks out the same mixture of bronze tinted metal and glass from the kitchen.

    The property is an uber smart home with full Audio-Visual design including:  integrated motor-controlled blinds, iPad/iPhone-controlled systems, Sonos and Amazon Alexa voice activation control. The entire property is operated through Alexa voice control smart system which includes controlling light settings, blinds, electronic equipment like TV and music and even changing the channel selection on Sky. The smart system is coded to control almost all the commands in the flat and is also personalised for each individual’s needs and preferences.



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    When a brand new 22nd floor bankside penthouse was introduced to Hill House Interiors as a blank canvas, they felt duty bound to deliver a scheme as stunning as the 360 degree views enjoyed from this exceptional 4 bedroom duplex home.

    Relishing the challenge, the talented multi-award winning team took a detailed brief from the clients and created interiors worthy of this iconic landmark building, famous for its dramatic glass pitched roofs. Continue Reading

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    The latest project from Design by UBER saw a complete turnkey interior design solution for a first floor apartment which is housed within an attractive Victorian building.  Continue Reading

  • Trend setting indoor lighting

    Copper, gold and concrete. The light formula for stylish interiors.

    With over 30,000 different options and stunning lighting for every budget, www.lights.co.uk – Europe’s leading online lighting retailer – is the go-to expert on the latest trends. Good lighting is fundamental to any room, providing depth, feature and clarity. And although lamps remain firm favourites, pendant lights are fast becoming the design fanatic’s luminescence of choice. The latest lighting trends effortlessly unite the most desirable interior colour, texture and pattern choices. Continue Reading

  • Mountain Lakes Residence

    KNOF design

    KNOF Design Completes Elegant Family Home in Mountain Lakes


    KNOF Design has created an elegant, colourful and layered interiors scheme for a private family home that merges a recently married couple’s tastes, in the form of classic French interiors and the geometry of the art deco period. The new scheme is for a 6-bed, 6,500 sq ft property in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, which is part of a 4,000-strong lakeside community located within the Manhattan commuter belt. Continue Reading