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    Stunning and elegant, the contemporary modern style is the one that best complements and adapts to a simple and practical lifestyle, without needing to think too much about decoration. Massachusetts state capital is delighted to receive the superb new Caffe Latte project, designed by Yasmine Ibrahim.

    Created in open space format, filled with wood panelling and marble finishes, it contemplates different spaces, with nature-inspired shades, putting comfort and well-being in the first place. “Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space.

    As a crossing point between rooms, like a mere foyer, the modern classic style stands out, underlined by the eloquent presence of Colosseum II Console and Aurum Wall Lamp, two iconic pieces.

    As the largest area of an apartment, the living room is often considered the pinnacle of coziness and relax, just like happens in this project, thanks to the subtle, but significant role of Sherman Sofa, a neutral seating statement piece, flanked by Caffe Latte’s Robusta Center Table and Altura Mirror, two portraits of the power of marble.

    As faithful companions, there are also Cutty Side Table and Macchiato Stool, from Caffe Latte, in a simpler and more functional aesthetic, without forgetting Oslo Rug, which brings with it the famous terrazzo inspiration. On the lighting issue, it can be found the iconic Horus II Suspension Lamp, and also the brand new Mármol Floor Lamp, in champagne tones, produced exclusively by Covet Collection.

    For cozier evenings by the fireplace, there are two Ellen Armchairs, inspired by the classic mid-century style, as well as Brutte Side Table, from Caffe Latte, great support for books or other decorative objects.

    Another unconditional attraction of the penthouse is the dining room, where all the pieces and details harmoniously combine within the modern style, in which Caffe Latte is queen and mistress, through the marbled Breve Oval Dining Table, but also the lavish Moka Dining Chair. Meanwhile, White Garden Rug is spread across the floor, as a manifesto of neutrality, in addition to the unequivocal and reinforced presence of Horus II Suspension Lamp.

    Bathed in white and klein blue tones, the kitchen appears as an oasis of minimalism and functionality, where it can be found Niku Pendant Lamp, but also Freddo Bar Chair, a newest piece of Caffe Latte.

    At last, with immediate access to the balcony, a colorful office, in fresh and lively tones, catches the eye. Cassia Modular Sofa, by Caffe Latte, reveals all its adaptability and versatility, in a trendy pink version. A very flexible piece, either for a living or reading corner design.

    Caffe Latte, in partnership with Yasmine Ibrahim, inaugurate a new residential concept: calm sophistication, where escape from day-to-day stress is duly rewarded by a clean and invigorating aesthetic, imbued with a familiar and intimate concept.

    CAFFE LATTE modern Design’s paramount is to provide ergonomic and functionality to any room, with a modern minimalist approach. Complementing other designs aesthetics with the use of a neutral colour palette, presenting sobriety to any interior decoration project, ultimately creating a consensual and transversal design, suitable for any taste.

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