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    Leading London interior design firm Elicyon has revealed details of the interiors of a new show apartment in Omniyat’s Palm Jumeirah development, One Palm.

    The apartment consists of a 4,000 square foot three-bedroom unit, boasting a large open plan, lateral living space with a cool colour palette and views of Dubai Marina, The Ain Dubai and the Arabian Gulf. Elicyon is famed for its involvement in the One Hyde Park building in Knightsbridge, London – and known for its use of luxury materials combined with bespoke craftsmanship and detailing which is also reflected in its design for One Palm.

    The living room space comprises of four distinct spaces within the long open-plan layout; divided by intricate screens that reference the geometry of mashbrabiya screens commonly used in traditional Middle Eastern architecture.

    Elicyon’s design offering includes textured finishes across all spaces, from the hand-painted silk wallpaper to console’s complete with a liquid metal finish.

    Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon, comments: “Texture is the new ‘thing’ in luxury. I find that more and more clients are interested in texture,” she explained of the team’s use of materials and finishes. “It’s very low-key ‘luxe’ which is very sophisticated and ties in very well with Omniyat’s vision, aiming for a very sophisticated buyer. It is not luxury as we know it but it is taking it to this next level, boutique and understated offering. Everything is either purposeful or beautiful. There is no excess.”

    The overall architecture of the building, designed by New York studio SOMA, is also reflected in the spatial layout of the interior design. On one end of the apartment residents are facing what is set to become a ‘gardens in the sky’ concept, including landscaping, swimming pools and a barbecue area.

    The opposing side offers expansive views towards the sea with full height glass windows, directly connecting the interior space to the surrounding nature but also to the urban landscape that frames the sea.
    “We like using industrial references in design, so you will notice elements like hanging rods within the space. I like to call this ‘industrial luxe’: something that is quite industrial but then we give it a slick finishing,” Gandhi said
    Omniyat has also recently announced that One Palm will be managed by Dorchester Collection, making it the first residential project in the Middle East to be operated by the hospitality brand


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