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  • Aviation is a complex and highly regulated environment.

    Aviation is a complex and highly regulated environment. Yet it attracts the most enthusiastic and visionary adventurers. Having spent my entire adult life in aviation, I still find it fascinating, and each day brings a new challenge and frontiers. I was a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force and in the commercial world for a lifetime since.  In 1978 I formed Computaplane – one of the first dedicated aircraft sales businesses in the UK, operated with the help of a very expensive IBM computer the size of a piano. In the 45 years since then the business has grown and now provides aircraft and aviation services to a worldwide client base.

    Buying an aircraft is very probably one of the most important decisions an individual or company ever makes. Not only is there the financial commitment but you are also choosing a vehicle which needs to carry important personnel – either family or business associates – safely and comfortably.

    The purchase of such an asset is not straightforward. When buying a car, one only needs to check a few items to ensure that the vehicle is safe, legal and is suitable for task. With an aircraft there are daunting pitfalls in both safety and compliance – many of which are invisible to the untrained eye.

    Computaplane has sourced and delivered hundreds of aircraft from two-seat trainers up to large passenger aircraft and our experience and knowledge is second to none. Our client base includes individuals, businesses, airlines and governments – including winning a worldwide tender for the UK MOD. If you are considering an aircraft purchase, then get in contact for a free consultation. Or if you have already made a purchase then give us a call for competitive ferry-flight prices to deliver your aircraft anywhere on planet earth.

    Email: aircraftsales@computaplane.com Tel: +44 (0)141 889 2233 www.computaplane.com

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