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  • Amina, The Invisible Speaker Co Ltd

    Amina, The Invisible Speaker Co Ltd design and manufacture invisible speakers in the UK. Utilizing VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology), the speakers consist of a flat panel which is design to installed into a wall or ceiling flush with the plasterboard, or the render, for solid wall applications, ahead of the final 2mm skim of plaster being applied. Once plastered over the area can be decorated as normal with paint or wall paper, the speakers are thus invisible in application.

    The speakers can also be used behind wood, wood veneer, leather and many other materials such as leather or slate.

    VPT speakers work in a way that is analogous to how acoustical musical instruments such as a violin or acoustic guitar work. The exciters on the back of the panels create vibrational energy which causes the lightweight aluminium aerospace front panel material to vibrate and radiate energy into the room. This is similar to the way the strings on a violin creates energy which is radiated by the sound box into the room. The result is a high clarity room filling sound with an improved consistency across the frequency ranges compared to conventional speakers.

    These speakers are ideal for historic properties wanted an authentic look and feel with 21st Century sound performance and also for modern minimalist designs where the presence of speakers can ruin the clean lines. The Mobius7, released this summer is the latest speaker in the Amina range capable of handling up to 150W of power.

    A BIID and RIBA accredited CPD is available online explaining much more about this technology, see www.aminacpd.com

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