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  • LEVITAS Design – Creating Atmosphere and Space in the Bedroom with the New Revolutionary Floating EXO Bed

    It’s been decades since the bedroom has seen any major advances in bedroom furniture until now that is. Levitas have created a levitating bed made from aluminium extrusions with built in features to house LED lights, glass bedside tables, Bluetooth speakers, UV light for allergy sufferers and many more features. Levitas have made this magical piece of furniture accessible to the masses by allowing the customer to buy the basic bed from around £2,000 and then customising it by adding any additional features as and when they desire.

    As space becomes more of a premium and developers build smaller and smaller homes, the bedroom is in need of rescuing. This isn’t just a piece of furniture, this is a fun bed that will transform the atmosphere of any bedroom. The lighting under the bed further exaggerates the levitation and the height of the bed allows you to see the entire floor area beneath creating a visually spacious bedroom.


    Scottish Designer and Entrepreneur Craig Phillips’ fascination with great magicians and illusionists such as Houdini and David Copperfield motivated him to join the Magic Circle at the young age of 12. It was this love of magic and illusions that eventually inspired Craig to design and create the levitating EXO bed.

    His quest to ‘float’ a two-meter bed off any wall (including plasterboard walls) led to the testing and destruction of countless prototypes (and walls) eventually succeeding in November 2013. Since then he has registered various designs, patents and trademarks and was awarded a Design Grant in June 2014 allowing him to turn dreams and prototypes into reality and start production of his unique and exciting bed.


    Every component of the EXO bed is handmade at the manufacturing facilities in Kent. The bed frame and slats are made from recycled aluminium, the equivalent of 3900 recycled drinks cans. Half a mile (800 metres) of aluminium extrusion is held in stock so orders can be turned around in a matter of days rather that weeks. Bed frames can be tailor made to fit any mattress size with the most popular colours being matt white and matt black. The only slight delay comes when customers send a colour swatch to match their preferred colour or want photographic quality images/graphics on the bed frame.


    The Aluminium frame is easy to clean and also easy to wrap with other materials such as various fabrics, printed vinyl, carbon fibre, wood veneer and leather.


    The underside of the bed and bedside tables have built in low voltage LED lights that can be controlled via the Levitas app on any smart phone or tablet. With 16 million colours to choose from you are able to create the ultimate magical atmosphere in the room without leaving the comfort of your bed.


    One of the greatest challenges was creating a strong frame to attach the bed to – this was achieved by creating 4 steel cantilever supports that are easily attached to the wall and floor. The supports are guaranteed to hold a minimum weight of 750kg (1653 lbs.) – that’s strong enough to hold 10 adults on the bed!!

    Securing the four supports is easy to do and should take an enthusiastic DIY person or carpenter no more than a couple of hours to attach. Typically customers are sent the 4 steel supports in advance of the bed installation, this allows customers time to install the frame during the build or renovation of the bedroom. Once the supports are securely in place Levitas install the bed anywhere in the UK free of charge.

    Hiding the supports behind the wall and under the floorboards takes a little more time but creates the best effect and is well worth the effort. For those who don’t have the time, simply attach the supports on top of the floorboards and just cover the thin 1.5cm (1/2 inch) support with carpet or a rug.


    Levitas offers the EXO bed with clear Perspex legs for those who prefer the traditional style bed but want the contemporary design, features and looks. Customers can choose any height they want their bed above the floor.


    Exciting new levitating ideas in the pipeline include: levitating sofas (effectively half a bed), levitating bunk beds, support frames to ‘float’ heavy granite tables & fish tanks off the floor, levitating office furniture, ‘floating’ baths (holds two people and all the water), cupboards, illuminated floating shelving and desks.

    Levitas believe that their designs and concepts are just the beginning of the way things will be done in the future, potentially floating every piece of furniture off the floor creating a fun and magical illusion of levitation whilst creating the ultimate atmosphere and space.


    For the ultimate wall hanging – Levitas has created a spectacular domed acrylic moon that is backlit, almost a meter in diameter, the super-high resolution image of the moon with its craters has to be seen to be believed. The lighting behind the image works in the same way as the bed and is also controlled by the same app that includes various features for creating the perfect atmosphere in any room.

    GRAND DESIGNS LIVE SHOW 2-10th May 2015

    Come and see for yourself the gravity defying EXO bed – the first 20 beds sold at the show are half price!

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