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    Since 1886, with over 130 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of all types of home furniture, ANGEL CERDA has demonstrable wide experience in the extremely demanding furniture industry.

    Based in Valencia (Spain), the company has a continual improvement ethos that runs through everything they do. With a strong focus on innovation, the market leading company strives to exceed customer expectations in both product and service.

    Working creatively from a foundation of robust market research, the business operates on an agile model able to adapt and enhance its products to deliver exceptional finishes for domestic or commercial applications.

    In words of, Mr Andres Cerda,  the current CEO of the company:

     “Assessing the changing global landscape, we decided that the continual investment ANGEL CERDA makes in the design and development of new products is key. Creating improved solutions keeps the business at the forefront of the industry and provides greater choice for our customers.”

    All products are rigorously tested, in excess of industry standards, to maintain their market leading position.

    “With our flexibility and responsive business practices and a focus on research and development we have been able to adapt and thrive in recent years. We see the launch of our new collection SERENITY as a continuation of our agile and proactive approach to operations.”

    Our manufacturing center of excellence ensures all aspects of each product delivered is of the very highest quality.

    With an enviable reputation in the market, quality processes and procedures underpin production, customer support, marketing, design and technical specification.

    Angel Cerda has an extensive network of distributors and representatives across the globe, exporting to over 70 countries worldwide.

    Customer service and technical support teams are always on hand to offer advice for projects and have exceptional product knowledge and capability.

    To find out more about ANGEL CERDA, visit their website www.angelcerda.com

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