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    Discover a bedtime story where the characters are threads of luxury, and the plot is written in the language of peaceful slumber – a saga that is mindfully written just for you. The narrator, Carpe Diem Beds create bespoke luxury beds from the finest raw materials, sculpting each piece into the chef d’oeuvre of Scandinavian design.

    Every bed is more than a functional piece of furniture; it’s a stroke of luxury that transforms your bedroom into a place where you can truly unwind. Carpe Diem Beds is dedicated to combining style and comfort to redefine the bedroom furniture landscape. The release of The Iconic Collection promises nothing short of the extraordinary, reaffirming Carpe Diem Beds’ position as a pioneer in bespoke bedroom furnishings.


    Inspired by the heritage of the Swedish West Coast archipelago, The Iconic Collection is a homage to the ethereal beauty of its landscapes. Founder Börje Thuleskärs’ encounter with weightlessness on the island of Stora Kornö sparked the inception of this collection, capturing the essence of floating serenity in every design. At the heart of The Iconic Collection lies the centred leg piece, imparting a glance of ethereal elegance. Paired with the patented Contour Pocket Spring System, each bed offers unparalleled support, elevating the sleep experience to new heights of indulgence. Accompanying The Iconic Collection are breathtaking new fabrics, drawing inspiration from the harmonious hues and captivating patterns of Lysekil’s shores. These timeless additions seamlessly integrate with the existing collection, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

    MEET THE ICONS The Iconic Collection includes four bespoke bed models, each named after islands in the archipelago on the Swedish West Coast. Kungsö continental bed is a masterpiece, combining innovation with an elegant, modern design. Its centred leg piece creates a floating visual effect, elevating the room’s atmosphere and making it an actual work of art. Hällsö Walnut and Hällsö Upholstery frame beds exude timeless charm and tailored quality. The handcrafted walnut frame, with natural wood variations, ensures each bed is a unique masterpiece. With its fabric padded elegance, the upholstery frame seamlessly complements modern interiors, adding sophistication to the bedroom.

    As the most exclusive bed in The Iconic Collection, the Vindö adjustable bed offers the same luxurious, floating design as well as being adjustable. Vindö adjustable bed sets a new standard, providing a one-of-a-kind luxury and comfort experience.

    “Carpe Diem Beds invites you to experience a floating sensation that transports you to the tranquil shores of Sweden”. As you immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of The Iconic Collection, you embark on a journey where comfort meets innovation, and luxury becomes an essential part of your nightly ritual. Carpe Diem Beds invites you to experience a floating sensation that transports you to the tranquil shores of Sweden. This collection is a masterpiece inviting you to seize the day, starting with a night of unparalleled sleep.

    Experience the new collection at Carpe Diem Beds Flagship store on Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London, and online at www.carpediembeds.co.uk.

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