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  • The Ultimate Redecoration Checklist: What to Consider

    The Ultimate Redecoration Checklist: What to Consider

    Who doesn’t love redecorating their house? We certainly do. There are so many benefits of redecorating as it can entirely transform your living space to make your house seem a little bit more comfortable. Many people tend not to bother redecorating as they can get so used to their current living environment that changing seems out of the ordinary.

    However, 2021 is a year to embrace change and work our magic on interior design. With that being said, we could all use some helpful tips now and again! So, keep reading this article for the ultimate redecoration checklist.

    New flooring

    The first thing you should consider revamping is your flooring. Did you know that whatever flooring you choose can add value to your home? Not many people know this, and they end up making the wrong decisions. If you want more bargain for your buck in the immediate and long term, purchase flooring you know that’ll last and impress future buyers.

    Some examples are hardwood and engineered wood flooring, as their durability means that they retain their value longer. There is, for instance, what seems like an endless list of options from Wood Floor Warehouse regarding hardwood and engineered wood flooring. The experts know the level of quality their customers want and are not shy in ensuring this is what they receive.

    When choosing flooring for your home, you should consider your current living conditions in line with the room you’re laying your flooring in. For example, if you are investing in new floors for the staircase or hallway, it might be a bad idea to add lightly coloured carpets. A better option might be to lay some high-quality hardwood flooring from a supplier like Wood Floor Warehouse as it is sturdy and easy to clean. What more could you want?

    Consider your replacements

    When redecorating our home, we will usually be replacing various pieces of furniture and décor. With that being said, a tip from us would be to consider why you are replacing your furniture in the first place. For instance, why replace a dark armchair with another dark armchair? It might be that the materials were the wrong choice or colour. But ideally, you should be opting to invest in items that will last a long time and won’t be subject to replacement when you decide to redecorate again.

    Ultimately, larger pieces of furniture are investments and usually stick around for a while, so it is important to get it right the first time!

    Rather than purchasing new furniture or other décor pieces, could any of your items be upcycled? Sometimes they might only need a new coat of paint or a new frame. Don’t rid your home of the stuff you don’t like only to replace it with a similar version.

    Consider the light

    A third tip you could consider adding to your redecoration checklist is the light around your home. Some homeowners tend to redecorate because their current interior is too dark or too overwhelming.

    Ensuring there is sufficient light around the home is very important, particularly as we spend more time within those four walls than we usually would. Therefore, before you dive into the deep end in the paint shop, you should consider whether the paint will suit the room you’re intending on painting.

    For example, if the room is quite dark, then you should opt for a lighter colour of paint to balance the room and try creating the illusion that there is more light than there actually is. Interior experts have been following this tip for years so it’s certainly worthy to consider.

    Set a budget

    If we were to include all the possible redecorating tips and tricks we had, this article would last forever. However, our final tip and perhaps is the most important one is to set a budget.

    Realistically, you should be investing in larger items such as furniture, and flooring from a reliable supplier like Wood Floor Warehouse. It is usually useful to budget how much you’re intending on spending on the larger investments to work out how much you have leftover for other things like paint, décor and so on. Planning is the key!

    What else would you add to our checklist?

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