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  • Pure Imagination Captured in Metal

    Metall-FX combines over a decade of technical and creative expertise to deliver bespoke metal surface finishes for hotels, bars and restaurants and private residences. Our hand-finished pieces can be tailored to our clients’ exact needs; we provide advice and concept ideas, considering the varying nature of different budgets and specific requirements.

    Our specialist, artisan liquid metal coatings are created by hand and are suitable for both interior and exterior application, which allows our customers to create unique, beautiful spaces – inside or out. Over the years we have applied our specialist finishes to bespoke, cutting edge 2D and 3D artworks, screens, state of the art furniture, doors, wall panels, lifts and many other surfaces.

    Our talented team work closely with many leading architects, renowned interior designers and passionate artists – bringing their concepts and projects to life with our vast range of expert metal finishes.

    Our one-of-a-kind metal effects are unique, closely guarded secrets, produced and eveloped in-house by our founder. A choice of premium veneer liquid metal coatings, along with dozens of stunning pure metal, alloy and resin finishes are offered, along with our extensive range of textured and coloured samples. This all culminates in a dazzling, high-quality finished product exclusive to your requirements.

    Unit Oak & Beech,
    Dixon Buildings,
    Ramsbury Road,
    RG17 7TJ
    +44 (0) 1488 726888

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