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  • Eikon 4D Luxury and Technology!


    Vimar, the Italian manufacturer of high end decorative wiring devices and automation systems launches for 2014 the new range of ‘Eikon’ Accessories.

    Four new lines of cover plates complement innovative technological features to provide a complete system where luxury finds its highest expression.

    Eikon TACTIL – The future is now

    A technological jewel as pure as a diamond, as light as a feather. To transform your everyday gestures into exceptional moments.


    Love at first touch

    With a simple gesture, this sophisticated touch technology transforms into direct energy control.

    Sensitive to your presence

    Eikon Tactil is home automation intelligence, it reads your mind: the proximity sensor on the home automation system controller brings it to life as soon as you come near the device.The controls light up, ready for your touch.

    Preciously transparent Eikon Tactil crystal is an unmistakeable signature that stands for sophistication blended with extraordinary strength. In four colour variants, to match any style. The backlit home automation controls can be customised with RGB LED lighting.

    Eikon EVO – Luxury is unveiled

    A tribute to the beauty of the shapes, fine finishes and functional elegance. To give your rooms unparalleled charm.


    Imperceptible seen from the side

    An impeccable, lightweight, slim silhouette that stands out just a few millimetres from the wall, with axial buttons. Viewed from the side, Eikon Evo is unobtrusive and delicately appealing, in line with the latest interior design trends.

    Masterful geometries

    Shapes that are designed to catch the eye, in sizes that are unobtrusive on the wall: Eikon Evo flaunts a sophisticated and well-defined image that embodies the aesthetic principles of Vimar.

    Unique materials

    Eight different ways of being, living and interpreting luxury. The Eikon Evo styles are inspired by the latest living trends, embodying and enhancing them in a unique and personal way with original combinations of materials, colours and finishes.


    Eikon Chrome and Total Look – It’s all in the details

    A new definition of style where the details take centre stage. To stand out without imposing.


    Instantly recognisable

    Beauty is concealed behind the detail. Such as the chrome-plated, shiny and smooth Eikon Chrome frame that surrounds the buttons and controls.

    Both perfectly formed

    Symmetrical, rigid lines or smooth, rounded edges? Eikon Chrome responds to all needs with its Classic and Round designs.

    Eclectic materials

    The materials are multiplied by five, the colours interpret with amazing exactingness many different living styles: the versatility of Eikon Chrome always keeps impeccable formal elegance.



    Eikon Total Look – Colour coordinated

    The highest expression of simplicity, in shape and colour. For control with no compromise.

    Essential colours

    Light and bright white, elegant and refined anthracite grey, modern and technological Next silver: Eikon Total Look, with three different colours, expresses the beauty of the absolute. The buttons and devices perfectly match the colour of the cover plates and the frame around them, enhancing the monochromatic style.

    Two-fold shapes

    Two shapes, two different characters: Eikon Total Look Classic looks sharp, rigorous and linear while Eikon Total Look Round shows a softer, curvier and smoother side.

    Distinctive material

    Metal as a functional and aesthetic choice for a line where buttons and cover plates coexist in perfect colour harmony.

    Spectacular from any point of view

    The technology functions are also superior in visual quality: the 10″ multimedia video touch screen communicates what is happening inside and outside your home with high-resolution images with matching, customizable graphics. In addition, the web interface offers remote control via smartphone, PC and tablet. So you always know what is happening even when you are not at home.


    Precise in its communication too

    Technology is also this: a 4.3″ touch video door entry unit with a wide screen display that enables total management of all the video door entry and home automation functions. To give you a wonderful welcome right from your threshold.


    Attentive to your home’s energy consumption

    The functions applied to Eikon technology provide exact knowledge of the house’s energy profile, managing and displaying both the production of energy and the total consumption of the whole house or of each single device.  Greater energy awareness that allows you to avoid unnecessary waste.



    Coordinated in every application

    Technology that allows you to coordinate the appearance of every application perfectly: monitoring, controls and connection to any network. A coordinated, complete control centre, where design stands side by side with functional excellence.


    International by vocation

    Technology that knows no boundaries and adapts to the standards and modularity of each country. Of course, with the unmistakable touch of the all-Italian class of Eikon cover plates.




    Choice of colours

    Three different colours for buttons and controllers, from light white to rigorous anthracite grey, passing through elegant Next silver. In the name of a technology that has never been separated from design.


    Complete control

    A wide range of control devices for all your installation needs. Soft-action axial controls, with wireless and battery-free radio-controlled technology, in electronic infra-red or touch versions with home automation intelligence. The whole home obeys your commands, all functions can be coordinated in a scenario and be controlled remotely from a latest generation PC, smartphone or tablet.

    Efficient comfort

    Touch devices to manage widespread well-being, like music playing in all the rooms, universal dimmers to set the lighting and play with coloured lights, timer-thermostats ensuring just the right temperature at any time of the day, room by room, and modular lighting to see clearly in any situation.  Efficient technology that guarantees maximum comfort.

    Rational energy

    Don’t waste energy. Ever! Thermostats that adjust the temperature to actual everyday needs; devices that control electrical loads, monitor consumption and show produced energy; programmable timer-switches that switch the devices on at the right time. Rational management of all your home energy, because Eikon also means energy awareness.

    Reliable safety

    Excellent technology, silently protecting people and their homes, at all times. And if there’s an alarm, you’ll receive a text or an e-mail, wherever you are. Different kinds of anti-intrusion alarms; surveillance cameras for every room, gas detectors to report and block any leaks and interlocked sockets protecting against accidental contacts.

    Surprising multimedia

    Connection to the outside world, or pure enjoyment: technology also means this. Eikon offers extraordinary multimedia performance with is high quality speaker system, the wide range of data, audio, video and USB sockets and its compatibility with iPods, iPhones and mp3 players.

    Worldwide standards

    Wherever you are in the world, Eikon supplies sockets with different standards, modular controllers and cover plates to help you design, organise and manage energy in compliance with the systems used in over 100 countries around the world.


    Eikon Video – http://eikon.vimar.it/en

    Eikon Website – http://eikon.vimar.it/en

    Eikon Brochure – http://eikon.vimar.it/brochure/en/

    Eikon Catalogue – http://www.vimar.co.uk/irj/go/km/docs/z_catalogo/DOCUMENT/B.37023.C14005.pdf

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