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  • Outfitting The New Hawes & Curtis Store

    In July 2023, we embraced an irresistible opportunity—to collaborate with Hawes and Curtis in outfitting their new Bishopsgate store. The spotlight of this project was our Espresso Oak Impervia floor board, a choice that garnered attention from the establishment’s designers after seeing the way it performed at Dandi Living’s Wembley Park project. Dandi kindly gave us a glowing review and have continued to use our products on dozens of projects.

    Impervia has recently become a fan favourite in both commercial and residential projects, with it being 100% waterproof, fire resistant and heat tested up to 68 degrees Celsius. This makes it an ideal product to use in a high traffic commercial area such as Hawes and Curtis, with the slip potential being incredibly low, even after a downpour. Hawes and Curtis wanted something minimalistic and subtle, but also a colour that would bring out the colour and elegance in their product range.

    Our impervia range also has a high durability factor which can be credited to the product being constructed of magnesium oxide and reinforced fiberglass. Topped with a ceramic lacquer, the impervia is almost impeccable when it comes to withstanding plenty of everyday wear. This quality is particularly advantageous for popular establishments like Hawes and Curtis, aiming to maintain the opulent ambiance of their interior without the need for frequent flooring replacements. Moreover, the Impervia product is entirely free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are synthetic chemicals known for their potential harm to human health. This means that opting for a product which contains zero VOCs and is exposed to a constant flow of human traffic is the preferred choice for those seeking a resilient and environmentally conscious flooring option.

    Furthermore, the Impervia range offers a diverse array of design options, allowing Hawes and Curtis to find the perfect match for their store aesthetic. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and robust construction, Impervia also offers ease of maintenance—a crucial factor for busy commercial spaces. With simple cleaning routines, Hawes and Curtis can ensure that their store maintains its pristine appearance, welcoming customers with a polished and inviting atmosphere.

    Moreover, our collaboration with Hawes and Curtis extends beyond providing exceptional flooring solutions. We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, offering tailored assistance from initial design concepts to final installation. By partnering closely with Hawes and Curtis, we ensure that every aspect of their flooring needs is met with precision and professionalism, enhancing the overall success of their store venture.

    In conclusion, our collaboration with Hawes and Curtis exemplifies the unmatched quality, durability, and versatility of our Impervia flooring range. From its impeccable performance to its eco-friendly composition, Impervia stands as the premier choice for discerning establishments seeking to elevate their interior spaces with style and substance.

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