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  • An African Penthouse . Angola . Africa

    • Could you name and describe the area where the house is located? 

    A penthouse in the middle of an African city surrounded by sea … Luanda. Luanda is a city of many cultures, with people who are natives are as well as may others who seek a life that only African can give. It is an intense city where human warmth and joy fill us with everything that is beautiful. We love working in Africa!

    • Could you describe the layout? (size in square meters, open plan, number of bedrooms, bathroom etc.) 

    It is about 500m² over two floors. 2 living rooms (one of which is also a dedicated TV area), a dining room, a guest bathroom, an office, a kitchen, and dining area and four ensuite bedrooms. The exterior spaces, including the pool and the balconies that surround the apartment, have an absolutely breathtaking view.

    • Were there any special requests from the homeowners, and if so, how did you answer to the requests in the final design?

    In this case, we knew the clients well as we had done several projects for the family already. So we knew we could design and get creative … !

    • What was the inspiration behind the project?

    The location itself, its colors and natural diversity were the starting point. The origins are always a great inspiration, in Africa, even more so.

    • What type of materials did you decide to use in this project, and why? 

    For this apartment we worked with everything from pure linen to ancient African cloths even to fish skin. We wanted local animals to have a presence, with the cheetah in an especially prominent place, but also the ostrich, their eggs … everything reminds us of the special location we are in.

    • How would you define the style of this home? 

    We feel that this house fits into a modern eclectic style.

    • What type of colors did you decide to use in this house, and why? 

    In terms of color palette, the inspiration lies in olive, gold, silver, copper, all mixed with timeless white. It is these tones that create the atmosphere.

    • What was the biggest challenge you faced? 

    The biggest challenge was undoubtedly setting up the project, due to local logistical difficulties. Projects abroad bring some extra challenges, but give us great pleasure to accomplish.

    • What do you like the most about this project? Doing a project in a country we love so much. Angola!

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