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  • Refresh your colour palette with Vicaima Dekordor HD

    The use of colour for Interior doors and doorsets can bring a new dimension to an environment, creating bright or relaxing hues to match a room theme or perhaps a corporate brand. With the latest colour trends very much in mind, Vicaima have launched 22 laminate faced options with their new Dekordor HD Colours range.  Ideal for a multitude of applications there is something for everyone.

    Dekordor HD Colours offer a continuous pressure laminate face which is both scratch and UV resistant, offering a colour consistent and durable solution for areas where beauty and resilience are sought after such as; designer homes, boutique hotels, commercial premises or even leisure and medical facilities.

    Colour is also a matter of fashion, which is why the new Dekordor HD Colours range has been carefully researched to reflect what’s in-vogue and on-trend in the world of design right now.  With 22 colours available the range encompasses everything from Spring Yellow to Sandy Cream, not to mention the increasingly popular greys and the perennial white. So whether it’s to make a bold statement or to refresh an otherwise tired interior space, Vicaima’s Dekordor HD Colours can make a real difference.

    The products, which are made to order, are available in a full range of performance options including; FD30 and FD 60 Fire rated, Severe Duty Rated, Security; including SBD entrance systems and sound reduction.  As you would expect from a leading interior door specialist, Vicaima offer complete project solutions.  The scope and configuration possibilities make specification easy, with glazed options, pairs, over height dimensions, mobility widths and completely matching door and frame kits and sets, thus ensuring that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied.

    A complete list of Dekordor HD Colours is available from the Vicaima website, alternatively; simply ask for a copy of the new literature.  For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit www.vicaima.com  or call 01793 532333.

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