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  • Terrazzo COMPAC- It’s real stone but not as we know it.

    Terrazzo COMPAC is a revolutionary high-performance stone recently developed by renowned surfaces company COMPAC and launched at the 2022 KBIS exhibition in Orlando USA.

    COMPAC’s R&D team have re-engineered traditional terrazzo to produce a material that can be used for all types of indoor or outdoor applications including:  kitchen and bathroom worktops , walls, vanity tops, building façades, staircases, and high footfall surfaces such as hotels, airports, rail stations, shopping malls, and public buildings.

    Terrazzo COMPAC has a wonderful consistent uniform appearance

    and its porosity is practically zero therefore absorption of water and other liquids is minimal – achieving a hygienic product that is both easy to clean and maintain.

    COMPAC offer four collections, Micra, Classic, Paladiana and Petra, each one featuring beautiful designs and finishes to suit virtually any application.

    Terrazzo COMPAC compliments the company’s quartz and obsidiana product ranges and offers architects and designers a superb portfolio of products to stretch their imagination and help create innovative design solutions.

    COMPAC’s pioneering spirit is not only reflected in the stunning surfaces they produce but also in the development of environmental technologies which allows the company to manufacture all their products in a sustainable way, with 100% renewable electric energy and reusing more than 98% of the water in the production process.


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