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  • INTRODUCING: Paul James Contracts Ltd

    Paul James Contracts Ltd was established back in 1992 and has many years of experience in the commercial furnishing business. This includes providing for Hotels, Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Student Accommodation, Extra Care, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants throughout the u.k.

    A very extensive range of quality furniture is available for rooms of all types including bespoke designs where required. The company also provides a full soft furnishing service including making and installation.

    Architects, designers and clients find great benefit in dealing with one single company for all their furniture and furnishing requirements. This saves a lot of time and the coordination of everything is made much easier. Full project management is offered that would

    include delivery scheduling and placement by their experienced team of site managers. This is particularly important with refurbishment work as this often requires several stages.

    The company have worked very successfully with a range of architects and designers over the years and their ability to be very flexible has been of great benefit. They can also offer their own interior design service if required. This would include liaison with the client, preparation of mood boards and the supply of samples.

    We Can Provide All Of The Following Under Just ONE Contract

    • FurnitureForAllRoomTypes
    • BarFurniture
    • Bespoke Furniture
    • Beds
    • Full Soft Furnishing contracts including making and installation
    • Carpets and flooring including bespoke designs
    • LinensandTowels
    • CrockeryAndCutlery
    • Lamps and Shades
    • Wall Finishes
    • Optional experienced interior design service
    • Full project management including placement

    For questions please call: 01359 271802 or Email: pjcontract@aol.com

    For further information, endorsements and news of current contracts please visit the company’s web site www.pauljamescontracts.co.uk


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