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    ISORUBBER MAT is made from crumbed, reconstituted rubber waste.

    It is very tough, durable, high density (900kg/m3) material supplied in an 800mmx1000mm format

    in thicknesses of 8mm and 12mm, weighing , respectively 5.8kg and 8.7kg per mat.

    It is resilience combined with density, which provides the materials excellent, airborne and impact sound as well as vibration absorbing characteristics.

    The choice of thickness is governed by the level of the airborne sound and vibration absorption requirements.

    The main areas of application are;

    a)      To provide a fast and easy means of substantially improving the sound insulation of floors, by a simple surface overlayment. In most floors, even the Building Regulations Sound insulation standards may be achieved when the ISORUBBER MAT is used in combination with our ISOSONIC CEILING decoupling systems.

    b)      To provide vibration insulation under machinery and acoustic and domestic appliances.

    c)       To provide general contact protection and shock absorbing surfaces for sports and play areas

    ISORUBBER MAT can be used as a direct underlay for hardwood and laminate flooring.

    Due to its high density the material undergoes virtually no compression under normal residential design loading.

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