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  • 3M Revamps Thomond Park Guinness Dugout Bar

    Innovatively crafted, decorative surface finishes have been used to refurbish the bar counter in the new Guinness Dugout Bar at Thomond Park Stadium, Ireland. DI-NOC Architectural Finishes from 3M were chosen and installed by MSi Signs as a cost-effective solution for transforming an ordinary bar counter into an extraordinary, aesthetically pleasing design aspect.

    DI-NOC Finishes in PS-504 Black and LE-702 Cream Leather were selected to do justice to the dark, rich colours of the Guinness logo. The films were applied to the bar counter top and front by two trained MSi applicators over three days, with no sanding down required. The films’ flexibility to conform to flat and curved surfaces enabled a fast and easy installation with minimal error and waste, bringing life to an existing asset with an entirely new sophisticated design. The intricate Guinness logo in the centre of each bar panel was designed and applied separately by MSi.

    For more information about DI-NOC Architectural Finishes call 0800 121 4739 or visit www.3M.co.uk/innovativefinishes.

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