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  • North London Project, Hill House Interiors

    As with a lot of their business, this project came through a recommendation from one of Hill House Interiors’ previous clients.

    Helen Bygraves, co-founder at Hill House Interiors, comments; “This is the client’s UK base and second home, which they reside in at various points throughout year. They were looking for a home that was as welcoming and comfortable as it was impressive, with a few pops of colour and a clear focus on maximising the space available, and creating a natural flow between the open plan reception rooms.”

    The key focus was the kitchen/family space, which is the room they spend the most amount of time in together, so the team wanted to design a space that the whole family can enjoy. The bespoke banquet seating in practical faux leather is elevated with a fluted back, and positioned around a custom made lacquer dining table with inset chrome inlay. It creates a cosy corner, ideal for family breakfasts and informal dinners, whilst still tying in well with the rest of the kitchen space.

    “We have recently completed a trip to Marrakesh, and found ourselves very inspired by the rich, warm, gold tones and accents seen in the spice markets and souks. We decided to bring these into one side of the formal reception room and they sit beautifully against the dark oak flooring.”

    These are brought together with hints of metallic in the apertures of the bespoke cabinetry – the texture of the liquid metal finish is highlighted with spotlights, while bronze inlay on the shelves and TV surrounds has an art deco feel.

    The simple yet striking freestanding zen-like screens divide two distinct living spaces, which was otherwise one large super-room – the panels help to create privacy, intimacy and intrigue, yet don’t fully break up the flow of the room, zoning and manipulating the open plan space to create the right atmosphere.

    Behind the bespoke screens, the second living space uses softer, monochrome tones, with a beautiful selection of printed cushion covers provided interest on the curved ‘love seat’, and statement leopard print armchairs in velvet.

    “We are big advocators of using a variety of both textures and patterns in all our projects – it helps to create interest, especially when tonal colours are used, as in this particular scheme.  In the ever-evolving world of interior design, there are continually innovative and exciting new products for us to utilise in, enabling us to create multiple layers of interesting textures and introducing tonal depth to our schemes.

    “The client had never worked with an interior designer before, so put their trust in us entirely – they were incredibly impressed with the process from start to finish, and we’re already in talks about upcoming projects!”


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