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    With a catalogue of classic and contemporary designs, Cheshire-based Arley House looks to 2020 as it prepares to launch its next collection of fabrics. Head of Brand, Louisa Tratalos, takes us through the new year’s biggest trends, set to rock the fabric of our interiors.

    With design inspiration more accessible than ever before, we’re seeing homeowner’s tastes evolve and become braver. As we transition to 2020, this more confident approach to interior design has encouraged a step away from safe, muted tones, in favour of expressionist trends that feature graphic prints and rich colour palettes.

    In particular, florals take a moodier turn across fabric design, with a focus on dark heritage blooms that create an air of faded grandeur. Bold, dramatic blossoms are perfect for making a statement; by utilising a floral motif in a darker palette throughout your upholstery, an injection of personality is achieved without it looking overly chintzy. Our latest collection, Floral Abundance, created in collaboration with the V&A, includes several brooding blossoms such as the Floris in Black, as well as Georgette in Olive and Romano in Plum. Used across larger pieces of furniture or featured as a small accessory such as a cushion, eye-catching dark florals are here to stay throughout 2020 and beyond.

    The new year will also see our love affair with velvet continue. Because of its strength, dye affinity and high lustre, our unique prints complement it perfectly, making our Luxor velvet by far our most popular base cloth. Due to velvet’s short, dense pile, printing on this material also means the intricate details of our designs are enhanced and defined. Versatile and stylish, we recommend velvet to customers who want to add a touch of opulence into their interiors.

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