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    Mentioning silk conjures up images of beauty and luxury in the mind. Reading about how silk is made and the history and production behind it, is enchanting. For this reason, Gingerlily has incorporated the essence, beauty, and singularity of silk into a fabulous collection of luxury bedding and bed linen incorporating the highest quality and made from the finest “A” grade mulberry silk.

    Gingerlily offers a wide range of silk products, ranging from bedding to bed linen to nightwear. Cushions and throws are also part of the assortment, which make fantastic all year round gifts. This season, the Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase is an addition to the collection and is a great introduction to silk bed linen. Beautifully packaged it constitutes a lovely Christmas present.

    Silk has many characteristics such as hypoallergenic qualities, smoothness and sheen, easy adjustability to body temperature and gentleness on the skin and hair. Silk duvets and bedding cover us, encompassing our bodies and abolishing single-points of pressure. Traditional duvets and blankets are not designed to sprawl across the body but form a heavy barrier that can accentuate irritation and pain to sensitive joints. Eradicating single-points of pressure can significantly enhance the comfort and quality of sleep. This is why silk should be your choice for all things relating to comfort, relaxation and sleep.

    For more information on the Gingerlily product range, visit http://www.gingerlily.co.uk – Be sure to sign up for the newsletter for 10% off your first order.


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