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  • Design trends for 2020, by Laura Marino – founder of London-based design practise Studio L, London

    1 – Unique rugs; “People taking risks with their area rugs is a great way to infuse personality into space. Deeply saturated punches of a single colour and/or quirky, freeform shapes are being embraced.” – An example of this trend can be seen at Westminster Fire Station, where interiors will be completed by Studio L, London.


    2 – West Coast California Influence; “Light, airy, sophisticated monochromatic schemes with warmth will continue, and I think a new appreciation for beige will be back replacing greige, grey and all white. Nubby textures, chunky furniture, natural fibres, relaxed formality, hearty materiality indoor plants are all a part of this west coast look.”


    3 – Transitional Style; “It’s never really been out of style (mix of traditional and modern furnishings, textiles and decor) but now it’s been given a more identifiable name by being called; “Grandmillenial Style” because that generation is embracing it. Previously, transitional design décor wasn’t considered identifiable because it didn’t have a flashy name and seemed like a safe middle of the road option, but it’s not. It’s eclectic and curated with an appreciative eye for all eras of design.” 


    4 – Colour Blocking; “This has been going on for a bit, but I think we’ll see a lot more monochromatic rooms in vibrant colour rather than just neutrals.” – An example of this trend can be seen at Westminster Fire Station, where the use of block-coloured furniture has been used throughout.


    5 – Eco-Materials; “We are in a climate crisis. The design industry must adjust ASAP, and we believe it will. I think we’ll see a lot more responsible design and manufacturing, and use of sustainable and recyclable materials with more colour and style options such as the use of corks, bamboos and articles made out of recycled plastic.” 


    6 – Black and White; “We think we’re going to see a lot more of this classic combo since the embrace of mixing the old and new is in full force. Even though people are getting more adventurous with their kitchens, we don’t believe we’ll be seeing the end of a white kitchen, and more so, I think the black and white combo in kitchens will be popular.” 


    7 – Organic Shapes; “This trend will stay active for a while. This look encapsulates the design trends we’ve seen dominate over the past couple of years (i.e., Chunky, freeform furniture, delicate orb-shaped lighting, arches).”


    8 – Cane and Rattan; “Still going strong, but I think designers are incorporating by looking to use the material in different and unexpected ways in their design creations rather than just sticking with chairs, beds or side tables.” 


    9 -Timelessness; “I mentioned this was going to take last year, and it has (meaning your space is sustainable because it evolves and lasts through the years), now it means something slightly different. With social media and the pressure of “influencing” I think people are just wanting to have something genuinely unique for themselves rather than worry about what’s trending. Trend predictions get people to read, follow and like so it’s essential, but I think the market hits the tipping point too quickly now. Super individual, bespoke designs reflecting the homeowner’s personality will become very important. We just finished a client’s home, and they looked at their interior design as an investment, so it was critical to them to ensure they got something specific to them, that would last for years to come.” 


    10 – Ikea Hacks; “These are becoming more and more sophisticated for the budget-friendly designs, especially with kitchens, wardrobes and dressers. The public is becoming more accepting about having (for example) an Ikea kitchen carcass and then a bespoke door made for it because there have been many designers bringing attention to it on social media.”


    11 – Spherical Cushions; “Used by the late excellent design legend Michael Taylor who epitomised the modern casual and airy California look that is so in fashion at the moment, we’ve seen ball cushions (as well as other shapes like triangles) more and more being used in decor.




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