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    The company that really does know the best wood for your floors, walls and ceilings. Havwoods have been committed to supplying exactly the right wood to architects, specifiers and homeowners ever since 1975, and it’s made them Britain’s foremost wood floor company. They have an unparalleled reputation for providing quality products, excellent service and exceptional levels of expertise and they offer an enormous range with well over 400 products kept in stock!

    Whatever you have in mind wood-wise, the chances are you will find it here; you’ll also find things you’ve probably never dreamed of. Oak, maple, walnut, pine, the exotics and bamboo, all feature alongside half a dozen other species; smoked, sawn and washed, with oiled and lacquered finishes in mosaics, chevrons, blocks, panels and planks of all sizes, up to and including giants almost half a metre wide. Best of all, they can all be supplied within days; but if you have a few weeks in hand there’s another 500 or so products in the Havwoods’ portfolio which are available to order.


    Known as leaders in their field, both technologically and aesthetically, Havwoods are continually researching new ideas and new trends. Recently this includes a huge expansion of their reclaimed range. Reclaimed timber looks stunning, particularly in contemporary surroundings, but it is traditionally difficult to fit and often involves a great deal of wastage. Havwoods’ reclaimed timber is quite different. Solid reclaimed oak planks, blocks and chevrons are crafted to a regular width and thickness from massive, load-bearing timbers salvaged from the old wooden barns and houses which are a feature of northern Transylvania.

    Other reclaimed woods – elm and pine as well as oak from barns, docks, quays and lagoons (all of which look completely different as testimony to their former usage) – are engineered for stability, providing easy-to-fit boards, the majority of which are suitable for use over underfloor heating. There’s even a small but stunning collection of specialist reclaimed cladding for use on walls.

    Even if you’re not actively looking to source a wood product at the moment, take a trawl through the Havwoods’ website; it’s enormously informative as well as showing pictures of the vast majority of their range. If you want to take things further you’ll find that their staff are even more knowledgeable than their website, which is why this is the company that so many top designers and specifiers rely on. What’s more, Havwoods have showrooms in London and Lancashire, carrying large panels of virtually their entire in-stock collection: an Aladdin’s cave of wood that will work wherever you may need it.


    For more information visit www.havwoods.co.uk

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