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  • 3M finishes create shimmering colourful surface effects for new designer

    Bracknell, UK, 2 July 2014 – Dichroic film from diversified technology company, 3M, has been used to create stunning colour shift light effects by design student, Lisa Alcock. The innovative multi-coloured artwork and jewellery is being exhibited at the New Designers show at London’s Business Design Centre.

    According to Lisa Alcock, 3M dichroic film had a dramatic influence on her final year project, “I discovered the dichroic film at 100% Design last year and it has enabled me to produce the wonderful light and colour effects I had envisaged but struggled to create cost effectively. My window panels, light boxes and jewellery have been created at a fraction of the cost of similar glass and acrylic materials.” She continued, “The film has been amazingly simple to work with and gives my work beautiful textured light responsive surfaces which can be used in a wide variety of installations.”

    Dichroic Film from 3M is available in Chill and Blaze colours for application to glass, plastic or acrylic surfaces as a visual opaque or decorative graphic. The Chill products shift colours from the transmissive cool tones of blue, magenta and yellow to the reflective colours gold and blue. The Blaze products shift from the warm tones of cyan, blue and magenta to red and gold. The colours seen by the viewer – from either side of the glass surface – are influenced by the environment, lighting, viewing angle and mounting surface colour.

    Depending on the application requirement, designers can opt for the film only version – DF-Chill and DF-Blaze – or the adhesive version – DF-A-Chill and DF-A-Blaze – which can also be printed on in order to incorporate logos or designs, if desired. Whereas these two products are recommended for plastic or acrylic surfaces only, the third product in the range – DF-PA Chill and DF-PA Blaze – is recommended for use on any smooth glass material. This film is not printable and features a pressure sensitive adhesive.

    All products in the Dichroic Film range are simple to apply for a smooth, wrinkle-free and bubble-free finished surface, and are easy to clean with mild detergent, water and a soft cloth. They are highly durable for long-lasting vibrancy and, as and when design needs change, the film can be taken off without any damage to the original surface.The results are truly stunning and reveal the endless possibilities for transforming all manner of spaces such as entrances, storefronts, roof windows, partitions, glazing, skylights and curtain walls, as well as lighting fixtures and more.

    For more information, email innovativefinishes@mmm.com, call 0845 606388 or visit www.3M.co.uk/innovativefinishes

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