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    Transforming your home with a bespoke indoor swimming pool and pool house is the ultimate home improvement. It allows you to create a place of relaxation, well-being and fun all in the comfort of your own home as well as providing a luxurious and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of swimming, regardless of the weather year-round. Origin knows that a swimming pool can not only add value to your home but to your home life as well making them a smart investment for those looking to upgrade their living space. Attention to detail and precise planning are crucial when designing a successful swimming pool and pool house as the process is quite unlike any other building project and requires more than just finding a competent builder.

    It’s important to understand that indoor pools require specialist design in three major areas: the pool chamber, the building structure and the management of the pool building environment (heating, dehumidification and ventilation). All of these specialisms should be integrated into a consolidated design from the start, to avoid disruptive, complicated and potentially costly alterations after your pool house has been built.

    This is where Origin excels above the rest. Simply put, they do it all. With over 40 years of indoor swimming pool design and construction experience, their specialist team are ideally positioned to guide you through the entire process. Every element can be customised to your individual requirements, style and specification to create your luxury swimming pool. Designing a pool is a completely different process compared to designing a house and a lack of experience can lead to a project which isn’t feasible in either design or budget. Origin works closely with you to create a swimming pool design to suit your lifestyle, home and budget. After all, swimming pool design is about creating harmony between your home and pool room, so it’s essential an indoor pool not only looks stunning but also becomes a seamless addition to your living environment.

    Swimming remains one of the most popular activities across the country, with its physical and mental health benefits exceeding expectations. In fact, a recent SwimEngland study found that those who swim regularly felt on average 12 years younger than those who don’t. Swimming is a great form of low-impact exercise and is easy on the joints, making it enjoyable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Swimming can also improve your quality of sleep and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The movement of water over your body creates a massaging sensation which encourages you to relax, just being in water increases blood flow to the brain, boosting your brain health, releasing endorphins and increasing your overall mood.

    Origin believes owning a pool is about more than the pool itself: by adding a spa, sauna, steam room or yoga area your swimming pool and pool house could be transformed into a centre of relaxation and well-being, providing the ultimate calming and restorative experience. Saunas and steam rooms help to stimulate blood flow, increasing the release of toxins from the body, and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The calming nature of these spaces also provides stress relief by relaxing your muscles, reducing tension and improving circulation, as well as being a great way to complement your swimming pool and integrate tranquillity into your daily routine. If you’re looking to increase family time, your pool house could become a new social hub for everyone to enjoy by adding a gym, lounge area, games room or even a bar. These added elements are what make your space unique and Origin offers a bespoke process so your swimming pool and pool house can be completely tailored to your wants and needs.

    Whether you’re looking to create a sanctuary in your home or somewhere to just have fun, Origin have experienced it all and are available to help you bring your dream pool to life, managing every stage from start to finish, giving you the confidence and freedom to enjoy finally swimming in your own home. Origin’s experts can discuss requirements, guide you through the options and produce a fully costed proposal and design allowing you to undertake the ultimate home improvement so you can finally achieve the perfect work-life balance.

    Speak to the experts at Origin today as limited building slots for 2023 remain. Call 01895 453996 now or visit www.originpools.co.uk for more information and to subscribe to our newsletter. Our Instagram page @originpoolsuk is always bursting with the latest pool inspiration and trends.

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