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  • BioCote®, the antimicrobial brand you can trust

    BioCote® is the market leader in providing proven, evidence-based antimicrobial technology and world-class consultancy services. BioCote Ltd works with companies across the world, which utilise their superior, evidence-based technology, to protect products and surfaces from microbes such as bacteria, mould and fungi.

    BioCote® protected products are suitable for use in many diverse environments including hospitality, leisure, food, catering, laboratory, and healthcare sectors.

    BioCote®technology, in the form of an additive, is incorporated into products at the time of manufacture. Extensive testing has proven BioCote® will retain its antimicrobial properties, providing continuous antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the product.

    On BioCote® protected surfaces it has been shown that levels of microbes can be reduced by up to 99.9%. All BioCote® protected products are regularly validated and quality control tested to ensure optimum antimicrobial performance is achieved.

    The BioCote® brand is recognised around the world as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance.

    Visit our website to find more about our technology and its applications: www.biocote.com

    Following, you can see some of our partners’ products that incorporate BioCote® technology:

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