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    Leading UK valve, meterbox and water fitting specialists, TALIS UK, has created 70 new jobs at its South Wales facility as well as investing over £400,000 in a new machine that produces outer sleeves for its widely used Talbot Matrix meterboxes.

    The new 1,000 tonne injection moulding machine creates robust sleeves for the top layer of meterboxes, making them telescopic. The high quality device produces more than 2,000 outer sleeves a day, and to keep up the with the production demand, an additional 70 new jobs are required.

    TALIS UK is employing a large number of new employees in order to keep up with the increased level of manufacturing activity and growing demand from customers for meterboxes.

    The innovative machine has allowed TALIS UK to bring injection moulding in-house, helping to lower costs and time spent on the creation of the sleeves. Plus, compared to a traditional moulding device, the machine uses a third of electricity, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

    TALIS UK has also invested in a new crane which is used to load the tools into the new machine, this crane can also be used with other machines in the factory. In addition to the new machine an Alpha Robot mechanism has been fitted. This removes the moulded products, cuts and then places them onto the loading bay. This mechanism helps to provide an efficient production line to keep up with the pace of the machine.

    Mark Hodgens, managing director of TALIS UK, comments: “Investing in the sleeve machine has been our secret weapon as it creates the parts quickly and cost effectively for our proven range of Talbot Matrix meterboxes. This machine forms part of our ambitious growth plans for the company, helping us to be at the forefront of innovation in the water industry. The creation of new jobs is also fundamental to this project as it allows us to make more meterboxes to meet current industry regulations and the growing demand from water companies in the UK.”

    For more information about TALIS UK, please visit www.talis-uk.com

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