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  • High Rise Penthouse by Maxime Jacquet

    “The eclectic penthouse is like stepping into a dream world fantasized by the young, and personifies the treasured memories of the old.  It is a breath of fresh air, even on the nineteenth floor. The bazaar of designer blankets, vintage furniture, neon signs, accents of antique cartoon murals and even bear skin rugs, here all senses are nourished.  There is everything, luxury, casual comfort, vibrant energy, fashion, and humor.

    The design surprisingly does not detract from the cityscape view.  In fact, it only increases the feeling of being in an exclusive club or lounge, hidden from the rest of the world.  The design by Maxime Jacquet was clearly created to make one feel completely unique and if you are a guest, you know this is a once in a lifetime experience, in a marvelous space for you to enjoy.  You might as well be traveling in a time warp museum enjoying champagne and macaroons.”


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