Welcome to The Art Of Design

    We work with local and international interior and garden designers, architects and property developers as well as private clients creating and designing artworks suitable for large and small scale projects.

    Boldstone uses their own original range of designs which we reinterpret to suit projects.

    Inspiration for our artworks comes from the observation of pattern in nature and the interpretation of pattern using the interaction of light and shadow, colour, line, form and texture. Themes are developed using differing mediums and materials expressed in sculpture, drawing and painting.

    Each artwork is handmade and focuses on craftsmanship and attention to detail.
    Boldstone’s wall sculptures and artworks are adaptable to many settings, whether that be a private home or an hotel lobby and spa.

    Boldstone is committed to sustainability and wherever possible uses eco-friendly materials. We are dedicated to the responsible use of resources and aim to create art that not only enhances spaces but also respects the environment.
    We collaborate with clients to create bespoke wall sculptures tailored to specific spaces, themes or concepts. Whether a signature piece for a corporate headquarters or a series of sculptures for a residence. We create drawings and storyboards to help work with you to realise your idea.

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