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    We have become used to the trend for Zoning but interestingly we are seeing that Zoning is no longer just for open plan spaces, it’s for all rooms and layouts. Utilising each inch of space has become the norm and is desired and expected by homeowners, and it doesn’t necessarily require big renovations. As we know, good design is defined by its ability to engage and adapt.

    Olivia Crosher, Interior Designer at Naturewall www.naturewall.com  shares her thoughts on more fluid room dividing.

    Flooring may well be the traditional differentiator, but she suggests we should be looking straight ahead.

    ‘Decorative wall panels or room dividers are a great way to zone off an area. If the wall panels are horizontal, they can elongate a room. Equally, if they are applied vertically, they can create the illusion of an extended upward space.’

    She also recommends using the natural elements to section off a space.

    ‘Houseplants connect us to nature and maintain a healthy home by removing toxins and impurities from the air. Big leafy plants can expand an area but if floor space is an issue, wall planters or hanging pots are ideal ways to introduce biophilia into your home. Add in other natural materials such as marble, wood, and stone to enhance the feeling of peacefulness.’

    The most common areas to zone are our downstairs living spaces, but Olivia encourages everyone to look beyond the traditional kitchen and living room makeover.

    ‘You don’t need a large area, try designating a corner of the bedroom or your landing where you’ll be able to feel at ease and the space is unlikely to be called upon for other uses. Another option would be to set up next to a window where you can benefit from natural light and connect to the outside from the comfort of an armchair.’

    Naturewall are designers of Scandi-inspired wall panels that are manufactured in the UK using high-quality materials. All products are shipped free within the UK and are available to order from Naturewall.com

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