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    What is Owatrol Deco?

    Owatrol Deco is an all-in-one product which serves as a rust inhibiting primer and decorative multi surface paint. It provides a high quality decorative finish, enhanced corrosion protection and exceptional resistance to weathering, moisture and pollution.

    Why should I use it?

    Owatrol Deco is a truly multi-surface paint, adhering strongly to all surfaces including plastic, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and so will not peel or flake making it perfect for use on flexible surfaces like plastics and uPVC. Owatrol Deco delivers an exceptional oil-based finish whilst maintaining very low VOC levels and is suitable for interior and exterior use including in confined spaces as it doesn’t emit harmful fumes. It is available in 6 different finishes and it’s easy to use. It can be applied without any priming or undercoating, even on rusted surfaces as it penetrates to the sound metal below to provide long-lasting protection against the elements.

    What can I use Owatrol Deco for?

    The uses for Owatrol Deco are almost limitless but it’s perfect for jobs like these:

    • Reviving plastic guttering and drainpipes without having to replace them
    • Painting your uPVC window and door frames for a fresh new look
    • Protecting pipe work and machinery parts from corrosion
    • Finishing agricultural or industrial buildings
    • Protecting and re-painting rusted gates and metal railings
    • Re-painting radiators (as Owatrol Deco can withstand temperatures up to 175˚C)


    What our Customers say about it

    An Owatrol Pro customer B Richardson Decorating recently completed a renovation of the exterior of a bungalow. The project included windows, doors, a garage door and upstands for a car port and it included lots of rusted metal surfaces. He used Owatrol Deco in white to protect, prime and finish the surfaces and was very impressed with the results.


    He contacted us to say:

    “It flows really well, especially the first coat. The opacity level after the first coat was very good too. Once dry it had a nice feel to it. Impressed with the finish, I’ll definitely use it again and for railings, gates, etc. it is now my go-to product.”


    By using Owatrol Deco, you can be sure that the rust has not just been covered up, it has been isolated and the sound metal has been protected from further corrosion.

    How can I get Owatrol Deco?

    You can order Owatrol Deco easily direct from us through our website at www.owatroldirect.co.uk or by calling us on 01923 219122 with next working day delivery on all orders placed before 3pm. If you have any questions or are not sure if Owatrol Deco is right for your project then get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise you. Remember it’s suitable for use on all surfaces and protects, primes and finishes all in one!

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