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  • Aluline “Offers Specialist Solutions” for Grease Management

    Aluline has ‘unrivalled experience’ in surveying, specifying, supplying, installing, and maintaining, Grease Traps, from the largest to the smallest kitchens. Our managed maintenance systems for kitchens are designed to reduce blockages and pump faults to a minimum.

    Aluline, from inception has focused and dedicated its efforts to solve and provide sustainable answers for the varied problem associated with waste disposal within the commercial sector. Over 30 years experience within the commercial drainage sector is diligently employed, to meet the needs of our clients.

    Changing lifestyles and todays modern diet necessitates the protection of our environment by enforcement of imposed regulations. As a consequence this has introduced and highlighted the stresses and hazards on many food producing outlets and the organisations responsible for our waste disposal. Large corporate bodies are now in control of our waste management, a positive advantage if education and accessible information is actively encouraged and circulated to all sections of our community. These large corporations are not prepared to pick up the cost of pollution and will pass on remedial costs to the polluter.

    Main text pictureAluline’s range of equipment for the reduction and collection of waste ‘at source has evolved from a hands on approach of solving and avoiding problems encountered over many years experience serving the needs of the commercial sector. Economically feasible solutions and a common sense approach are important requirements to all business concerns desiring to comply with environmental and public health statuses.

    At Aluline we offer natural eco-friendly bio technology solutions, equipment for at source removal of wet waste food, oil, grease that can accumulate within our drains, sewerage systems, treatment plants, etc. If ignored and left to accumulate, food, oil and grease may also provide a source of food for vermin, rats, cockroaches and other pests aiding their ability to multiply, given abundant feeding opportunities.

    Our policy of continuous development results in the introduction and supply of many innovative and labour saving products to the market place. Grease Traps, Wet Waste filters, Treatment Plant monitors, Odour Abatement Sprays, Bio Nutrients and Hand Wash Systems are all examples of working or developing products in our portfolio. The Aluline Group is committed to sustainable environmental solutions.

    Aluline is committed to providing customers with quality products and services at competitive prices. Aluline has a policy of ongoing customer care, underpinned by the provision of advice and positive solutions.


    Full details of Aluline’s Commercial Drainage products are available on www.alulinegms.com
    With a comprehensive product range, competitive pricing and a reliable delivery service we can meet the demands of today’s catering and commercial market and look forward to receiving your enquiries.

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