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    KBIS’19, the major kitchen and bathroom event in the U.S., held in Las Vegas from 19 to 21 February, was the showcase chosen by COMPAC to present its Crater CC296, a new sculptural work in a collection designed by the versatile artist Arik Levy. Under the slogan The Surface Beyond, COMPAC proved once again how it expands creative boundaries in this piece standing 3 metres tall, with a weight around one ton, in which the author strives to alter our perception of movement and forms.

    The Spanish firm closed its participation at KBIS’19 with outstanding results. The COMPAC stand acted as a magnet to throngs of architects and interior designers, who came to appreciate the avant-garde philosophy of this brand and discover the technical quality of COMPAC marble and quartz. The Ice of Genesis™ collections in general, and specifically Unique Calacatta™ from the Unique Collection, were the most sought-after designs for the contract and residential trades in America.

    For yet another year, the COMPAC stand at KBIS served to strengthen the position of this Valencian company in the American market, where it already has offices in numerous states. It was designed as a reference point for professionals in the industry, architects, interior designers, decorators and distributors wishing to gain inspiration from the brand’s creative possibilities and familiarise themselves with the versatility of the main materials – technological marble and quartz.

    COMPAC’s cooperation with Arik Levy is based on creative synergies that have already led to unique designs, such as the Ice of Genesis series, the impressive Quartzrock work and the Kryptonite sculpture. Crater CC296 originates from a search for new ethereal landscapes discovered by investigating hitherto unexplored surfaces and materials.

    In the words of its author, “the crater represents the nature of another planet. Its vertices create an endless visual formation, in which the eye completes the non-visible parts of its surface. This piece not only offers a new geometry for our vision, but also a colourful structure in which great kinetic energy is on show without the need for real movement”.

    Impact, imprint and brand

    The COMPAC exhibition area had three different “experience areas” with the same underlying theme:  reaching beyond known space to focus on a new kind of reality until inspiration is found – the kind of inspiration that COMPAC shows in every one of its collections.

    Levy’s avant-garde work sat in the middle of the company’s stand, surrounded by spectacular staging. This central area also presented the Ice Green™ design, from the COMPAC Ice of Genesis Premium collection, designed by Arik Levy and inspired by the glacial lakes of the Arctic. Ice Green™ boasts an amazing transparency in its material and beautiful natural tones that make it attractive on all types of surfaces.

    Last but not least, the work area of the stand enabled hundreds of kitchen and bathroom professionals to explore the infinite creative possibilities of COMPAC materials and their applications in all types of areas, including the art world and the contract division.

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