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    The ESSE Vector electric heater brings warmth, comfort and stylish British design to any room in the home.

    This iconic electric heater has been developed for a sophisticated customer looking for style, functionality, performance and flexibility.

    An elegant and efficient alternative to noisy fan heaters and portable oil-filled radiators, Vector is silent and draught-free and can be used in any room with a 13amp socket.

    Available in a choice of three contemporary colours: Silverstone, Rose and Graphite, Vector provides both radiant and convective heat via an efficient cylindrical body yet requires no installation or maintenance.

    It’s ideal for heating occasional spaces such as home offices, spare bedrooms or summerhouses thanks to a powerful 2kW power output. Vector can also provide a welcome boost to central heating and provides the perfect solution to heating conservatories or garden rooms.

    Designed and built entirely in Britain, Vector is the result of collaboration between British designer Adrian Stokes and ESSE’s own in-house research and development team.

    The bold and distinctive design embodies form and function, providing both radiant and convective heat via a cylindrical extruded aluminium body enhanced by elegant fin detailing and a subtle warm amber glow.

    Extended heating elements create a deep, even heat that radiates out from the robust aluminium exterior panel, while cool air is drawn in at floor level and fed upwards by a chimney effect to convect out as warm air via the distinctive finned grill at the top of the unit.

    Vector is built to the same high standards as cast-iron products like ESSE’s distinctive Ironheart cooking stove, but with the kind of plug-in flexibility demanded by busy modern lifestyles.

    Available from ESSE’s nationwide network of specialist dealers and selected high street retailers, Vector’s RRP is £595 inc. VAT and is supplied with a class-leading manufacturer-backed Lifetime Service Guarantee.

    For further details, visit www.esse.com

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