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  • Why Quartzforms..?

    Quartzforms engineered stone goes one step further than natural stone. Our product is the result of the most cutting-edge technological development manufactured with precision engineering, innovation and quality of the exclusive Bretonstone® process.


    It’s versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality, and easy maintenance have won the trust of architects and designers worldwide. With renowned Italian flair, we have created a range of beautiful, aesthetically appealing surfaces, which offer an equal balance between classical elegance and contemporary style, which are ideally suited for today’s architects and designers.

    1095_phRobyBragotto_MarmoArredo_2013 1138_phRobyBragotto_MarmoArredo_2013


    Special finishes

    We offer the standard polished finish, or as alternative options a textured spacco finish, and a matt soft touch apaco finish available in selected families and colours.



    For more information please visit www.qfdistribution.co.uk

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