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    With 120 years of experience handcrafting mattresses, Vispring has become one of the most trusted and best-known bed makers in the U.K. and around the world.

    In terms of evolution, the human body hasn’t changed much. We remain a culturally diverse species with one crucial thing in common — the need to sleep. Every single one of us needs to retire at the end of the day to relax, unwind and ultimately, switch off.

    A mattress is arguably the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy. You’d be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t ever spent a tortured night trying to doze off on an uncomfortable mattress; whether it’s too soft, hard, or just plain lumpy, you can guarantee you’ll wake up feeling worse than you did when you went to bed. So, the wisdom of buying the best you can afford shouldn’t go unheeded.

    Sleep is an activity so personal, private and unique that the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to mattresses is absurd. Research has shown that compromising with a product that isn’t best suited to your height, weight or sleeping style will undoubtedly lead to health problems in later life; all of which substantiates the case for choosing a high-quality alternative engineered to support your spine.

    By inventing the pocket spring, Vispring changed how the world sleeps. It’s a reputation we’re proud of, so we’ve always been very careful to protect our status as industry leaders by maintaining our excellent production standards. After over a century in business, we’re still one of the only U.K. bed manufacturer to produce our own springs, which are made from the best Vanadium steel. Every mattress is made to order from start to finish at our Plymouth workshop. There’s a choice of 74 distinct spring types, and of course, we’re able to tailor the spring tension to your own specific needs — whether that’s soft, medium, firm or extra firm.

    Website: Vispring.com

    Instagram: @vispringbeds

    Email: info@vispring.com

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