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    Masters of their trade have at all times on behalf of representative personalities, but also for collectors and enthusiasts created products of supreme perfection, unique in design, technology and execution.

    This tradition is taken up by the work of art Phoenix, an ancient Egyptian mythological symbol of immortality in the form of the eagle, who dies or burns at the end of his life, to rise again. The collaboration between Rolf Lang and Lalique is a godsend for connoisseurs of timeless works of art.

    With a strong first serve achieves the varied and interesting work wide public attention, and creates curiosity for more. You may be there when the master Your sculpture designs and manufactures.

    LALIQUE PARIS GOLDEN EAGLE SCULPTURE Handmade in crystal H 42 cm, L 30 cm, W 27 cm Decoupled time display, hand-engraved circuit boards and dial, gold plated striking Breguet hands, blued.

    ROLF LANG DRESDEN FACTORY ARCHITECTURE No industrial product, a handcrafted unique piece Specially made large clockwork with large tourbillon balance wheel, 45 mm diameter Lyra set with 300 brilliants, 10 rubies hand-blown glass bell · 3 year guarantee.

    WATCHMAKING MASTERPIECE The fascinating mechanics of the open movement with the tourbillon inspires. The finely balanced interaction of balance, escapement wheel and anchor is the heartbeat of the clock. Two barrels ensure a power reserve of four days.The accuracy over this period is about one minute. Technology, Work aesthetics and precision craftsmanship set the masters of Saxon court watchmaking art of the 18th century.

    Fine watch manufacturer Rolf Lang Dresden, On the old Königsweg 20, 01816 Bad Gottleuba

    Phone: +49 (0)35023 510400 |
    lang-in-dresden@gmx.de | www.uhrenwelt-lang.de

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