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  • Enhancing Interior Design Projects with a Homelift: Blending

    Functionality with Style

    Interior design for the home has evolved in the last few years to focus much more on creating spaces which are not only beautiful but also practical and multi-functional. This has prompted us to be more mindful of how we utilise our homes and how quickly needs can change. As a result, build and design briefs to architects and interior designers are increasingly including future-proofing features when planning new construction projects, even for those who are not yet nearing retirement.

    A recent report by The Centre for Ageing Better reveals the age demographic in the UK is shifting. Almost 40% of people in England are currently over 50, and nearly 20% are over 65, indicating a clear need for housing renovation projects and newbuilds to be more accessible.

    More of us are looking to creating appealing homes which blend function and accessibility, to boost the value of our homes, and to create future living spaces that change and adapt with our need.

    Yola Mealing, Head of Brand at Stiltz Homelifts discusses enhancing homes with style and design with a future-proofing homelift.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    A modern design

    Homelifts are designed with a minimalist aesthetic that complements contemporary home interiors. Their compact footprint and transparent options allow them to seamlessly blend into various design schemes without overwhelming the existing decor. Many lifts now offer sleek lines and an unobtrusive presence, making it an attractive feature rather than a utility, enhancing the overall look of your living space.

    Features to fit your style

    Modern homelifts in the Stiltz range come with various customisable features, allowing you to tailor the lift to match your home’s interior design. From bespoke colours and finishes of the lift car, rails and interior lining, homeowners can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing lift. Whether you prefer a modern, industrial look with glass and metal or a warmer, traditional style with wood finishes, there’s a design option to suit your taste.

    Fitting in with your home

    Space Efficiency

    One of the standout features of homelifts today is their compact design. Homelifts use a more efficient system that can be installed almost anywhere in the home. This space-efficient design means the lift can be positioned in areas that might otherwise be underutilised, such as stairwells, hallways, or large cupboards. This flexibility allows for better space management and helps maintain the integrity of your home’s layout.

    Versatile Installation

    Homelifts can be installed in various locations within your home, offering greater flexibility in design and function. Whether you want the lift to serve as a central feature in your living area or to be more discreetly placed, the installation process is designed to accommodate your preferences.

    Enhancing functionality and accessibility

    Future-Proofing Your Home

    As homeowners look to the future, ensuring their living space remains accessible as they age becomes increasingly essential. A homelift can future-proof your home by providing a convenient and safe way to navigate between floors, giving you more energy and freedom to enjoy the things in life that you love. This enhances your home’s functionality and adds to its long-term value, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers who are also thinking about ageing in their own home.

    Ssshhhh; you can barely hear anything!

    Modern homelifts are designed for quiet and smooth operation, making them a discreet addition to your home. They are now whispered quietly, with no noisy external hydraulics or vacuum drive systems to worry about. This attention to detail in their design means that the lift can be seamlessly integrated into your home’s daily life without drawing unnecessary attention or creating a lot of noise, which would disrupt day-to-day activities.

    Feeling safe in your home

    Advanced safety features

    Safety is paramount for home installation, and homelifts are no exception. They come equipped with various safety features that ensure the lift operates safely and reliably, providing peace of mind. Stiltz passenger lifts, for example, are fully compliant with all European safety standards, and features include a battery backup, full or half-height doors, obstruction sensors, a key lock to stop unauthorised use, and an optional seat and grab bar.

    Easy-to-use controls

    Homelifts are designed with user convenience, as a homelift is about making your life easier. Their intuitive controls are easy to use, making them accessible to people of all abilities. The lift can be operated with a simple button press, and additional control options, such as remote controls, allow you to move suitcases, heavy items, boxes, or anything else you need an extra pair of hands with.

    Boosting Home Value

    Increasing property appeal

    Installing a homelift can significantly boost the appeal of your property from a future-proofing point of view. Potential buyers are increasingly looking for homes that offer both style and practical solutions for future living. A home equipped with a modern and stylish home lift stands out on the market, appealing to a broader range of buyers, including those considering their long-term mobility needs or disability.

    Integrating a homelift into your home design is a visionary way to blend contemporary style with everyday convenience. It allows you to create a home that will adapt to your needs over time and lets you continue to thrive in the place you hold dear.


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