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    The Collections bring audacity, privilege, and strong statements. Selected materials, luxurious finishes along with Swarovski crystals create a pure blend of opulence, grandeur and sophistication. These lighting fixtures give a stunning golden gleam to the space, enhanced by the exquisite charm of their elegant designs. The lighting treasure concept celebrates a creative and stylish manner of avant-garde lighting spirit.

    A riddle wrapped in the exquisite lighting design: innovative techniques, originality, and boldness. It combines elegant, futuristic design elements which bring luxury and simplicity together. The New Designs reveal elated aesthetic, alluring intelligence and bespoke individuality, creating an exclusive signature to any demanding interior. All this to cherish timeless brand values. Castro Lighting stands for classic traditions, boldly adding new daring design ideas. It absolutely naturally balances between traditional and futuristic vision in lighting design.

    This modern suspension cherishes modesty, just as Modern design itself cultivates a sense of simplicity in every element, avoiding clutter or accessories involved.
    The Crystaline design has falling raindrops effect made with Swarovski clear crystals, that shape the round “bell-flower”, slightly flattened brass structure.
    With a delicate though divine look, Crystaline is the ideal decorative lighting statement that, because of the outstanding sparkle of the crystals, is so exceptional, mystical and timeless.

    Savoye is unparalleled in the elegance and tenderness it displays. The layered brass in combination with two different finishes – gold and black nickel – applied by hand, brings a delicate charisma that resembles a blossoming lotus flower. The base is detailed with an emperador brown marble, designed in a cylindrical shape, ending with a solid gold-plated tray. A combination of roughness, delicate detailing and refined design.

    Metis Collection is designed to bring a special allure and sensuality to the interior design.
    The handmade brass fixture is a modern lighting statement of self-expression, shining through with luxurious accents. With an avant-garde spirit, it combines both: functional sophistication and elegant simplicity.
    This is where minimalism gets a luxurious twist, granting any interior project a modern stability.

    Halma Collection celebrates the fusion of noble materials as well as simple and delicate geometry. Made with a structure of brass involved by clear crystal glass, this design unpredictably fuses the two materials in an effortless and original manner, granting it a cohesive and deluxe look. An extremely versatile fixture with an exclusive beauty and elegance.

    Skylar Collection is a stunning glass and brass chandelier that is “one in a million”. Designed to impress, it brings a special allure and refined lighting detail to the most exquisite interiors. The artistically fulfilled lighting fixture is made of brass with a gold-plated finish, visually intercalated with mesmerizing glass. Dazzling details give the impression of a cosmic spaceship and ptovide the unforgettable signature to the design. This handmade suspension lamp is perfect to create an effortless luxury for contemporary living. Clean lines with softer edges create a streamlined silhouette and vigorous form, which reveal a natural balance between a traditional and futuristic vision in lighting design. This unique design allows you to live your dream in a moment of deepest passion and inspiration.



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