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  • KLAFS at Guncast: Setting the Standard for Saunas

    Bringing innovation and elegance to the booming UK health and wellbeing industry, KLAFS at Guncast provides market-leading sauna solutions to those looking for the ultimate spa experience.

    From traditional log designs to modernist glass structures, KLAFS at Guncast offers almost 20 different sauna designs, each made to measure and entirely customisable, creating truly unique and personalised spa settings ideal for the home, hotel or exclusive development.

    Established in Germany in 1928, KLAFS is widely regarded as a world-leader in wellbeing facilities thanks to their innovative take on traditional saunas and have partnered with luxury spa and swimming pool specialist Guncast to deliver their expertise and quality products in the UK.

    Gilles Darmon, Director of KLAFS at Guncast explains; “We are incredibly excited to be bringing the fantastic KLAFS products to the UK market, in partnership with Guncast, who perfectly complement the KLAFS brand ethos.

    Our mission is to design and build saunas and spas which offer the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, whether within a private residence or public facility, and our extensive range of products is designed to provide something for all sauna seeking clients, at a wide range of sizes, specification and price points.”

    KLAFS at Guncast’s signature products include:

    • SANARIUM® with SaunaPURE® – a unique technology that turns one sauna into five, with users able to choose from one of five “climates” at the push of a button
    • KLAFS EASY Sauna – a versatile DIY Sauna that can be quickly and easily assembled with a tool bag and two pairs of hands, perfect for the busy city-dweller
    • KLAFS S1 Sauna – a retractable and space-saving sauna in response to the demands of a changing society
    • KLAFS InfraPLUS – an infrared-C radiation back panel that generates radiant energy to warm your back more intensely equipped with SensoCare sensors to protect the skin

    Going beyond saunas, KLAFS at Guncast offers the full range of specialist spa facilities, including steam baths, caldariums, mud baths, hamams, tepidariums, ice lounges, ice fountains and snow cabins – each crafted to the customers’ exacting requirements, whether within a home, hotel or luxury housing development.

    The health benefits of regular sauna use has made it a popular activity for over 2000 years, with the tradition thought to date back to 2,000 BC when it became prevalent across Northern Europe. Today, the popularity of sauna bathing is ever expanding, proven to induce deep physical and spiritual relaxation through detoxifying the body, enhancing regenerative powers and alleviating a variety of illnesses. The alternation of heat and cold trains the immune system, meaning minor infections and ‘colds’ are a thing of the past for regular sauna users.

    Sustainability is at the core of KLAFS at Guncast’s products, sourcing materials sustainably and ensuring all wood conforms to ecological, social and economical standards. For the most eco-minded clients, KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package can be added to any sauna, lowering electrical use by over 40% with each use, whilst producing the same amount of heat. Meanwhile, the SOLAR SAUNA is an outdoor option that uses solar power to heat the sauna, using nearly 70% less electricity than non-solar alternatives.

    Price on application. For all enquiries, visit guncast.com/klafs-wellness or call 01798 343725.

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