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    Brio – the UK’s leading supplier of folding door hardware – has made a big contribution to an architecturally adventurous and historic site in Ilfracombe, north Devon, UK – a purpose-built wedding venue.

    A series of four tunnels were originally carved out of the solid cliffs in the 1820s – this gave access to the coves and beaches – and tidal pools for seawater swimming. This was known and still is as Tunnel Beaches. Now the site includes Devon Beach Weddings which can cater for 160 guests and is set on the beautiful, coastal landscape.

    Brio’s Weatherfold 4s folding and sliding door hardware made an adventurous curved door project a reality for the site. Weatherfold 4s was chosen for its resistance to this environment – the sea is well known to be highly corrosive to almost all building materials. But Weatherfold was also chosen for its smooth and easy operation.

    To reduce time and effort when opening up the venue to its breath-taking views, the project also utilised Brio’s new 286 Dual Point Lock which unlocks the top and bottom with a single action.  This hardware upgrade not only improves functionality but also aesthetics as doors use a reduced amount of visible hardware.

    Brio Weatherfold 4s is a complete hardware solution that includes pivot sets, hanger sets, hinge sets, top track, bottom channel, seals, locking and flush bolt options. The hardware will accommodate 8 panels folding in either direction.

    Weatherfold 4s will take a maximum panel height of 3000mm x 1000mm x 35-68mm thick weighing up to 50kg.

    David Newton, General Manager of Brio UK says: “Our Weatherfold 4s products are built to be extremely robust with a rugged construction that is eminently suited to the extremes of the British weather as well as achieving PAS24 and Secured By Design accreditations.”

    “Architects, specifiers and manufacturers can rest assured that when they choose Brio Weatherfold 4s non-mortice hardware for their projects they are working with a quality product that will not let them down and deliver many years of use.”

    Brio’s 286 Dual Point Lock was specifically developed for use with Weatherfold 4s. The 286 Dual Point Lock is ideally suited to timber or aluminum panels and is also suitable for single hinge panels and French doors.

    Brio’s General Manager, David Newton, explains: “Brio is constantly researching and reviewing the market place on folding and sliding door systems. Enabling better ease of use for the less able as well as aesthetic considerations led to the advent of the 286 Dual Point Lock which has been developed as an optional alternative to using flush bolts on panels.

    “The lock is less intrusive than flush bolts and has the very considerable advantage of eliminating any bending down or reaching up to lock or unlock the door which is the downside of flush bolts. This makes it very friendly with regards to disabled access as wheelchair users will not have to rely on help to open doors.”

    The operation to lock is very simple – turning the low-profile handle by 180° activates a 25mm throw to lock off doors securely top and bottom. Both locking and non-locking options are available, all with an integrated escutcheon giving elegant, clean lines.

    The Dual lock is suitable for timber panel thicknesses of between 38mm and 70mm, with a height of 3.5m. For aluminium panels, minimum width is 35mm.

    As for insurers, they will be reassured with the 4 pin 20/10 Euro cylinder in stainless steel. Finish is polished stainless steel or satin nickel.

    In common with other Brio products apart from looking stylish, these systems are built to last. Brio offers an unbeatable 10-year warranty on all Weatherfold 4s hardware.

    For more information on the full range visit www. briouk.com

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