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  • Scotscape Develop the ‘Living Ceiling’

    Scotscape is the market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of living walls and ‘smart’ greening systems.

    As part of our on-going research and development, we have developed a ‘Living Ceiling’ that has been installed over the past 15 months into 10 ASICS stores in major European Cities.  The final installation of 2017 extended to the ASICS flagship store on 5th Avenue New York USA.

    Demand for Smart Greening Systems has increased in response to greater awareness of biophilia and the ability of plants to improve air quality; Scotscape’s innovations respond to the need of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes to deliver healthy environments for staff and customers.

    Asics approached Brinkworth to develop a strong new global retail concept for their stores, which has been applied thus far to 10 Asics Locations. In response to the Brinkworth vision Scotscape have developed a bespoke store greening system. A series of narrow stainless-steel planters suspended at ceiling level and planted with carefully chosen plants, sustained in a semi hydroponic condition.  Controlled watering using our smart irrigation system allows the plants to thrive and create a green canopy without the need for drainage.

    If you think your shop floor, office space or gym could benefit from our living wall or living ceiling systems contact niallm@scotscape.net.

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