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  • ViSULiZR by Terrys

    Home furnishings retailer Terrys have launched a brand new app, the ViSULiZR by Terrys, which uses technology to virtually show how different blinds look in windows at home. The free app, which is now available to download through the iOS and Android stores, allows home decorators to choose from over 1,000 different styles of blinds and fabrics by simply holding the phone up to a window to see each design come to life.

    The app has launched in partnership with interior designer Linda Barker to allow for a much more effective visualisation process than those currently available through more traditional shopping experiences. The app bridges the gap between inspiration and real life whilst allowing the customer to play the role of interior designer at home.


    Contact Details:

    Online Enquiries: www.terrysfabrics.co.uk

    Phone: 01782566666


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