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    It’s always good to be able to share a great idea, Julia and Lucie two busy working Mums’ have done more than that, with Lucie’s clever idea.  Historically being dissatisfied with using a variety of floor standing indoor clothes airers and wanting a ceiling airer Lucie looked for a solution.  This need for an improvement in her own home led her to design a wall mounted clothes airer. 

    These ladies then took Lucie’s concept idea and developed it into a product and launched their brand Julu.   The Laundry Ladder hangs on its wall brackets ready to use, with its aesthetically pleasing design you are sure to find a suitable wall to locate it.  The simple pulley system is used to open and close the front frame up and down giving you easy access at all times even when fully loaded with your washing.  Made in either Pine or English Ash this strong airer can carry lots of washing, the thick rods are gentle on your woollens and delicates reducing leaving fold lines.  This clever airer need not only be an indoor airer, with a second set of brackets located somewhere on a wall outside you can on sunny days take the Laundry Ladder outdoors and take advantage of a dry day.  To see are more images and to buy a Laundry Ladder visit www.juluhome.co.uk  or call 033 022 32855.






























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