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  • ULTRA Wire-Free Power Blinds – New From Appeal Home Shading – A Stylish Addition To The Contemporary Automated Home

    As automated living becomes the norm in the modern household – heat and lighting controlled from a wall panel; slow cookers and washing machine cycles on timer-delay to finish when it suits you; and on-demand audio visual entertainment you control with a remote as you relax on the sofa.

    ULTRA extends this convenience and control to window blinds, with a streamlined system that is tailor-made to the home and combines leading-edge technology with smart aesthetics, at a surprisingly affordable price and with a 5-year guarantee. You can choose from roller, pleated, Venetian and Varalux styles, and over 400 different fabrics and colours.

    The advantages of choosing power blinds

    • Convenience and control – simple-to-use remote controls or wall-mounted panels give you options – drop all the blinds in your bedroom with one touch of a button before you change out of your work outfit, or lower the one blind that will stop that shaft of light that has crept over the TV screen.
    • Advanced automation – choose a pre-set programme based on a timer (to raise the shades in the morning as a natural alarm clock), thermostat (lowers the blinds in the summer before a room gets too hot – especially useful if you need to get kids to bed when you get home) or light sensor (to protect furnishings, artworks, plants etc from the damaging effects of excessive direct sunlight).
    • No hanging cords or chains – not only does this maintain the clean lines of your windows, but there is a safety element to removing cords or chains, too, especially to young children.

    How Appeal’s ULTRA wire-free power blinds are different

    Wire-free means that, instead of trailing cables to the nearest plug socket, the headrail discreetly houses a quiet motor and a revolutionary, slim rechargeable powerpack.

    The advantages are:

    • No need for access to mains electricity; no need for complicated installation with plastic trunking to hide wiring
    • The powerpack gives 12 months’ use (under normal operating conditions) before simply being recharged like a mobile phone battery. Addition of an unobtrusive solar panel harnesses the natural energy of the sun and provides continuous charging of the powerpack.
    • Keeps prices low – from £180 per blind, including motor, powerpack and charger, design consultation, measuring, fitting & VAT.
    • Available in over 400 different fabrics and colours (including innovative materials for specialist applications – e.g. blackout, translucence and eco-friendly Honeycomb Energy Saving that will help reduce heating bills by up to 25% ).
    • ULTRA comes with the benefits of buying from the home-shading expert Appeal. Free design consultation, measurement and fitting, ensures even the most complex and individual window layouts are catered to.

    For a full colour brochure and more details on ULTRA wire-free power blinds:

    Call      Freephone 0800 975 5757

    Visit     www.appealshading.com

    Email  info@appealshading.com

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