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    Since our inception in 1965, RGE has enjoyed working with the largest furniture manufacturers in the world to create bestselling ranges. Today, RGE are able to take on a wide variety of projects, manufacturing furniture for several different industries and sectors – from flat pack to bespoke.

    Our team of experts specialise in furniture design, and are able to create designs for your product from scratch, based on nothing more than your vision.

    With years of experience engineering furniture and components, RGE are able to help make your concept a reality, ensuring that the technical functions and specifications of your product meet the high quality expectations that you have.

    Our product range
    Alongside our injection moulding services, RGE offer our own range of contract and task chairs.

    Temple: our first task chair made and designed completely in house using recycled materials. Whether you work from home or spend all your time in the office, the right office chair can become your most used piece of furniture. With an organic rather than technical style, the Temple is elegant, timeless and unique in character, suiting home use as well as in the workplace.

    Datum: a high-density stacking chair, designed for use in all public buildings. It is comfortable, tough, and easy to handle and arrange with linkable feet, making it ideal for conferences, schools, universities, and offices.

    Public: a practical and smart stacking chair that is easy to maintain, clean, and store for use in public spaces. Having undergone specialist testing, the Public suits a wide range of uses and has even been seen on Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

    Why choose injection moulding?
    The injection moulding process allows us to create furniture that is designed uniquely to your specifications, able to meet any design brief to complete your vision. RGE can create bespoke pieces, and work to produce innovative and complex designs. Injection moulding produces little to no waste throughout the entire process due to the precision of the mouldings created, and we are capable of producing high quality mouldings from recycled materials.

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