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    Domestic lifts specialist Stiltz Lifts has launched a stylish and sophisticated version of its home lift to the luxury elevator market that is designed to blend into any room’s décor.

    Modern and contemporary in design, the Stiltz Vista Lift is the first domestic available that does not use hydraulics.

    Unlike conventional lifts that use loud mechanical equipment, the Stiltz Lift uses a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system.

    The lift uses single phase power and plugs straight into any 13-amp power wall socket.

    The Stiltz Lift draws up to just three amps and for one boil of the kettle can make the equivalent of four return trips upstairs. No external power packs or additional hard wiring are needed.

    Designed for people looking for a more luxurious lifestyle, the Vista Lift makes a stylish addition to any home and can also add value to a property. Originally developed in Australia, the lifts are ‘real’ through floor lifts that travel via a unique dual rail system that creates a self-supporting structure. The weight of the structure and the lift car is carried in compression through the rails and into the floor of the home.

    The Stiltz Lift has the smallest footprint of any home lift at just 0.62m2 and,  because of its unique shape, can be fitted almost anywhere in the home. The lift takes one day to install for a standard retrofit application.

    There is also a wheelchair lifts version available which is deeper and wider to fit a standard wheelchair and the standard Stiltz Duo Lift which can comfortably carry two passengers.


    For more information visit: www.stiltz.co.uk or for wheelchair lifts here: www.stiltz.co.uk/trio-home-lift-overview.html

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