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  • Asetti – The Secret of Luxury Design

    As a dreamer, I have laid on a beach and contemplated what it must be like to live in one of the amazing homes, seen in the James Bond movies. The luxurious surroundings and spectacular locations. The unique design, the luxury cars and of course the lifestyle. All the delicious ingredients of a fabulous home.

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    TB01 2864x1791The Wow Factor

    Well the fact is, if you have the money, even on a smaller scale, you can live like this. The world of luxury design is out there.  The secret is to find the right people to create it and allow them the creative freedom do so. There are plenty of proficient architects, but do they have that unique, necessary ingredient of  ‘imagination’.

    Asetti Create The Wow Factor

    One company that truely defines luxury design is of course ‘Asetti’. An exclusive design team who create some of the most spectacular designs in the world. Their imagination is limitless. Over the past few years, this first class luxury brand have redefined the ‘wow factor’, inspiring a wide variety of beautiful properties.

    JH 1 Front 3200x1498James Bond House 007

    One recent Asetti design, that had everyone talking, was ‘Utopia’. Often described as The James Bond House. An awesome home that simply redefined  the nature of the super home. Tropical lagoon pools, helipads, glass walkways,  domes and pyramids.

    $250 Million Super Home

    Utopia is now ranked as one of most spectacular super homes in the world. With an estimated construction price of $250 million, it sits comfortably as one of the most expensive, modern designs on the luxury market.

    A unique luxury home that includes a vast entertainment dome with star viewing ceiling, sky walkways, sky bar, glass pyramid, glass lifts, tropical lagoon pools with waterfall, secret grotto with island and waterfall, helipad, Jacuzzi, smart home systems, renewable energy systems,   automated doors, staff quartres, security systems and every luxury feature one could imagine. It placed Asetti architects and designers at the very top of super home design.

    GM 1 3420x1791Asetti Unique Design

    Yet not all homes are so expensive. Asetti breath luxury into any project, of any price range and elevate homes to whole new unique level.So if you are looking for that truely amazing  home, why not contact Asetti. Join them on a fabulous journey of luxury and adventure.

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