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  • Sculptural handles:  one off – hand made – conceptual designs.

    F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO S.P.A. designs and makes exclusive marine and architectural door hardware and accessories since 1920 in Italy.

    The firm has always worked at complements’ and accessories’ design and production for shipbuilding, offering a wide selection of manufacts that have followed historical evolution from big liners, to modern cruise ships. Besides, F.lli Razeto & Casareto designs and produces highly specialized articles, meant for pleasure crafting, appreciated and requested by the most important shipbuilders all over the world as well as high end architectural hardware. The firm has now reached a leading international position and half of the production is directed to foreign markets.

    In the last years FR&C has launched several luxurious lines of custom Jeweled handles, which merge art, design and exclusive materials with the most advanced technologies into unique products, with special consideration to each client’s peculiarity.

    “We like to listen to our clients ideas” states Giangi Razeto, founder and head of the Innovation and Design Lab of  the company “and we try to deliver the most exclusive, unique products. Sculptural handles are the latest frontier of this trend; we talk with the interior designer, with the yacht owner, to understand which is the concept behind the yacht design and after a few briefs we propose a solution which translates the concept into a shape. A sculpture, a door handle.

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    I personally carve each piece, and replicate the same design singularly.”

    A brass sculpture to be combined with the handles is usually proposed to the client together with a leaflet containing memories of the creative flow and work in progress images.

    Here is an extract of a memories leaflet:

    Case Study: Spectre M.Y

    Brief: 007, dark interiors, regal design, Octopus

    “When I started thinking how to approach the Spectre handles concept I began crafting the shape, to get familiar with it…I was supposed to develop a door handle design, but I ended up by crafting a sculpture instead.The Spectre movie logo shape kicked me to extrude the design from the brass sheet with flame and immediately I saw the tentacles moving, flowing…I could not stop hammering, burning and oxidating it …I was looking for a camouflage and flowing effect, an iconic and regal look. The sculpture was intended to be a warning not to try to enter the boat if not desired.

    The handle: my very first approach was wrong, I was frustrated and could not find the right effect.

    I was illuminated when I decided to close the tentacles in the octopus swim. I was looking for a steady flowing image, a fraction of the octopus swim. I had to use the other side of my brain and see it upside down, left to right. I found the shape and immediately started replicating it…I was looking for a regal design and wanted gold to come out from the octopus… but was looking for a dark, severe, flowing, fluid and iconic atmosphere. The octopus silhouette invites to open the door, but is an intelligent, elegant guardian of the door, monitoring and frightening whoever is not desired. A smart and scary, wild and regal, elegant and primitive guardian; cunning and faithful to its master.”

    Giangi Razeto is an Italian sculptor and an award-winning designer of luxurious super yacht accessories as well as a sculptural jewelry maker, born in Camogli in 1969.

    Giangi is responsible for the creation of the Boat Builders Awards 2023 trophies and the prestigious Velista dell’anno (The Italian Oscars of Sailing) trophy 2024.

    F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO S.P.A. via Caorsi 38
    16030 Sori, Genova

    t.+39 0185 700 903
    f.+39 0185 700 102

    info@razetocasareto.com  www.razetocasareto.com

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